8 April 20 - Kenn Lowy (Switzerland), to Jeff at SE:
Good morning Jeff. I received the Stick and it looks great, like a new instrument. The sound of the new pickup is a huge improvement. Please thank Emmett for me.

4 February 20 - Dorian Thomas (CA), to Emmett:
I just wanted to let you know that the bamboo red linear Stick 7364 I picked up on Saturday is just wonderful! I really like the custom tuning so I think it's a keeper!

I am just very grateful to have this and that you were very kind to accommodate me on Saturday. I loved our discussion and I look forward to seeing you again.

Thank you for inventing and making something so dear to me. It is the one thing in my life I can always count on to make me happy, even if I am having a bad playing day! It never let's me down, I can only let it down. Vive la Stick!

2 May 17 - Tony Marvelli (TN), to Cambria:
Received my Stick yesterday. It looks like a whole new instrument. Emmett and the rest of your team have outdone themselves and it plays beautifully. Now it's time to get down to work and really learn how to play it!

Thank you again for your excellent work refurbishing a beautiful instrument. I know my wife and I will be looking into another Stick in the future.

6 January 16 - David Tipton (CO), to Cambria:
UPS showed up with the Sticks a little bit ago. Unpacked and played each for about 20 minutes. My initial response consisted of great joy and getting mildly weepy. It's like they're brand new again! Please let Emmett and Grace know that my first impressions are sheer delight!

16 November 15 - David Tipton (CO), to Cambria and Emmett:
So looking forward to having my instruments in top form! It makes playing such a joy! Several times a week I'm out there playing, turning people onto the Stick. I can't tell you how many times I mention your name per gig. I can tell you each time I do, it's with deep gratitude for what you've brought into this world.

7 February 15 - Tim Longfellow (Ohio), to Stick Enterprises
It's been a week since my instrument came back. I do recognize this Stick and yet it is a whole new experience, much like the first Railboard I tried out at Interlochen two years ago. The fret action is perfect and the expression thru my fingers is much more direct than before.

My "muse", as you referred to it in your inscription, is alive and well, and I trust it will catch on fire again with musical ideas and the thrill of improvisation. I feel the possibilities are endless. My Grand Stick now plays beautifully!

My sincere and grateful thanks to you, Emmett, for your work and continuing inspiration. Love and greetings also to the rest of the SE gang! I haven't spoken to Yuta for quite a while, so I send a special hello her way. And finally, my thanks to Cambria for ALL the email and phone support throughout the process of this repair.

10 December 14 - Tony Rodriguez (New York), to Stick Enterprises
I couldn't put my re-worked 10-string down since I received it. I am so impressed with the craftsmanship and the attention to details. The graphite now has such a great feel! The action is sweet and it seems like the fret dressing got my fingers closer to the board, which is just the touch I was looking for.

I can't say enough about how happy I am with the work done. It totally exceeded my expectations! Please thank Emmett and the crew for me!

After playing some more this weekend I've encountered "effortless sustain" on both sides of the Touchboard - Very Happy! I'm going to rework some of my arrangements to account for this added bonus.

27 August 13 - Steve Hahn (Colorado), to Stick Enterprises
WOW!!! You've made an amazing difference in the feel, look, intonation and sound of "poly" 2512. Simply put, it's a brand new instrument. Emmett and Grace, this axe is so clear in all registers. I'm astounded by the inner voicings that are now audible in my originals and arrangements. Many thanks to everybody at Stick who touched it during this refurbishment.

8 July 11 - Johnny McGee (Ireland), to Cambria at Stick Enterprises
It looks and feels like a brand new instrument, and it's hard to believe that it's maybe 30 years old (I was trying to figure out the year by the serial number #1111 and the ironwood material). I was also pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to play. I've played 6-string basses for many years but the sight of 10 strings in front of me was a little daunting for the first few days! However, I'm actually starting to get reasonably comfortable on it already.

Many, many thanks again for all of your help. It was an absolute pleasure doing business with you. Please pass on my thanks to Emmett and the rest of the team.

19 June 09 - Jim Bianco (Arizona, USA), to Stick Enterprises
Hello again. The reworked Stick sounds and plays perfectly. The new Stickup is fantastic. I also noticed the "rebranded" 776 on top. Nice touch. Question: were new tuners added? They look shinier. I was showing the instrument off at work, and everyone had great things to say. Great work!!!! You made me a happy man.

19 May 09 - Matt Rogers (Texas, USA), to
You're going to love it, Jim. What gets me is that all the extra work that Emmett does would probably cost a fortune in the hands of a luthier or a guitar tech. Emmett does all these little things that add up to make a huge difference in the way your instrument feels and sounds. For Emmett, this is simply his way of bringing his older instruments "up to code", if you will. I call that integrity and pride in your work.

21 November 05 - Jeff Pearce (IN), to StickWire:
About a week ago, I got my Stick back from a "check-up" at Stick Enterprises. I sent it back for the "3 year 30,000 mile tune-up" (no- I tune it a little more frequently than that... :)) and I am VERY HAPPY with their "tweaking" of all the Stick components. I have a fairly new Stick, built in 2002, so you THINK there wouldn't be a lot that needed to be done, but I gotta say- I am AMAZED at how "smooth" everything now is. The only thing I'm impressed with more than that is just how quickly Emmett and crew took care of my Stick- I don't think it was in their shop much longer than 100 hours! Emmett, Yuta, Grace, and Chiz- they are one incredibly efficient "operating system" - no crashes, no blue screens of death - and I thank them for their artistry/wizardry!

29 July 05 - Brian Baggett (TX), to Stickwire:
Thanks to Emmett & SE for the great repair/setup that my Stick so desperately needed. It's been said here dozens of times before...if your Stick hasn't been properly set up in a few years (me...9) then it's WELL WORTH the shipping. Plus the install I requested for the Flaps nut piece. I dig it.

18 March 05 - Brett Bottomley (CT), to Stickwire:
I just got my Stick back from SE with a professional setup for the first time (both my Sticks were purchased used). WOW!!! what a difference. I didn't know how much better my instrument could play. My backup Stick is now my favorite. I can't wait to send in my other Stick sent for a setup. I have a question, how often does everyone else send in their Sticks, or do you set it up yourselves? I don't think that I could have done what Emmett and the gang did. My shedua was beyond truss rod adjustments, and I'm not taking chisel or sand paper to either of my babies.

3 February 04 - Paul Frields (VA), to Stickwire:
 I have to second Steve here; sending your Stick to S.E. for a refurb is the best investment you can make. Plus it will probably elevate the resale value if you decide to sell the instrument later. When I sent one of my Sticks back to S.E. for a refit, I almost didn't recognize it under my fingers, it felt so wonderful. It was well worth the extra money to have a "good as new" instrument. Ever since then, it has been a joy to play.

28 March 03 - Tom Cox (CA), to Stick Enterprises:
I just got my refurbished Stick #1236 from you guys today. I cannot believe the feel, looks, sound, etc. It really is like a brand new instrument. So many thoughtful little touches? a new shoulder strap, new bridge screws, new damping pad, polished and cleaned fretboard? make receiving this baby an even MORE satisfying experience than I expected.

I have said this before, but I mean it now more than ever: the customer service at Stick Enterprises is unparalleled in the rarified, know-it-all world of custom instruments. Both the personal contact: warm, helpful, always available: AND the workmanship: precise, expert, inexpensive: are unheard of in their quality. Thanks so much for fixing up this old Stick.

23 December 02 - Olivier Vuille (Switzerland), to Stickwire:
Since I had received a brand new graphite Stick (10 strings) a couple of months ago, I wanted to have my 'old faithful' ironwood Stick #566 refurbished by its Maker (who else?). Now we're talking of an ironwood Stick made in 1979. Yuta showed me her archives which were very impressive indeed: pre-computer era files, all nicely handwritten, Stick #566 on a page next to one with lots of 'Levin' written on it. Quit a bit of history!

A couple of days later I gave Yuta a call and we discussed the refurbishing. We settled on a new 'Stickup', the installation of a truss-rod (so that I could use medium gauge strings), new saddle screws at the nut and bridge, beveling on both sides of the touchboard, new shoulder strap, new damper, complete fret job (these are the old guitar frets), cleaning, setting up, and so on. So we opened the case and here's Stick #566, unharmed in all its refurbished glory. The job Emmett has done is absolutely wonderful. I understood why Yuta told me on the phone last week that the instrument was so beautiful now they almost didn't want to let it go away. Imagine an ironwood Stick built in 1979 looking like a new instrument! The setup is ideal. Extremely low action. The new 'Stickup' has an incredibly pure and crystalline sound. Of course the guitar frets are not as easy to play as the Rails - they don't forgive the slightest misplacement - but what a fantastic instrument! I'm really glad I brought this vintage beauty to Emmett. The level of workmanship and dedication at SE is very unusual and precious. Many thanks for this great work of art and as we say in French "Chest un chef d'oeuvre!"

8 July 02 - Timmy Kochel (PA), to Stick Enterprises:
     It's perfectly repaired. And I received it exactly 8 days after sending it. And the 4th of July holiday was inside that 8 day stretch! Thank you so much, Emmett. Your customer support never ceases to amaze me.

1 July 02 - Jim Whisenant (MA), to Stickwire:
     For me, try almost ten years since any repair at all (and at that time, a locally-done fret repair and fingerboard planning), and almost twenty years since the instrument had seen SE (and through the years, they still seemed to remember who I was -- hats off to that alone). So what am I writing about? Trying to get in the record books for the longest sustained period of instrument neglect? Nope. Just wanted to say that I sent my Stick to SE last year, for a major overhaul, and not only was the work beautifully done, it has stood up to daily play. The craftsmanship is excellent, and it lasts.

1 July 02 - Steve Burnett (NC), to Stickwire:
     I purchased my Stick used, from a local player who'd purchased it with standard gauge strings, and switched the instrument to heavy gauge strings himself. I sent it to Stick Enterprises after a few years for refurbishing, and found out about the gauge change while I was waiting for it to come back :). When it came back, it played better than ever, looked cosmetically new, and played as easily as new Sticks I've handled. The refurbishing/tune-up/cleanup was well worth the money for me (also gave me an excuse to retrofit my Stick with a GK-2A MIDI pickup I'd always wanted). Strongly recommended.

1 July 02 - Paul Frields (VA), to Stickwire:
     I just got my 10-string back today, fresh from a trip across The Stick Enterprises workbench. I'm dropping a line just to let everyone know what an incredible job Emmett and the gang did on this instrument. With a fresh set of SE strings, fret redressing, and small parts replacement where needed, #777 indeed plays like a brand new instrument. Even with light gauge strings (which I personally prefer for the expression of vibrato), the bass notes are clear, punchy and full-bodied, and the higher notes are brilliant and satisfying while retaining fundamentals. I simply cannot express how overwhelmed I am by the difference! (But let me try anyway...) :-) With a properly setup instrument I can now play "better" than before because I'm not working as hard just to generate an even tone and volume across strings. If anyone out there has been weighing the option of doing this, PLEASE do yourself a favor and send it in ASAP. Instead of looking for a new piece of swag gear to generate "that sound," if you haven't sent your used instrument in for refit/setup in some time -- i.e. a number of years, or you don't know for sure if it's *ever* been back -- send your instrument into SE. The first thing I did was to plug it in without any gear between The Stick and the amp, and it sounds better than it ever did before. On top of everything else, I got it back long before I expected given their heavy workload of setting up and delivering new instruments. I can see they are working hard to strike a balance between new buyers and current owners, for which I am grateful. Thanks everyone at Stick Enterprises! I'm off to woodshed now... ;-)

13 April 01 - Jim Whisenant (MA), to Stick Enterprises:
     I want to thank you so much for restoring my Stick to a playing and sounding condition that it probably hasn't seen for several years. Yuta, you're right, looking at the beautiful craftsmanship is one thing (and it is truly outstanding work), but the proof is in the playing. Well, in this case, all I can say is "Wow!"

15 December 00 - Kevin Genus (VA), to Stickwire:
     I sent my Stick to SE to finally have the MIDI pickup installed, some fret work done, and the dual nut modification. During the extremely short period of time my instrument was gone, I used an old 10 string to work with ... felt like I was cheating on my girlfriend. The real shock was when I got my Stick back. The work was outstanding to say the least ... and the touch was so much more refined. I though it was in pretty good shape when it left, but now even less effort is required to produce the same sounds. This is probably the last thing Emmett wants to read, but if any of you can take the time to send the instrument off and have it setup properly again, it's like getting a whole new instrument again.

1 December 00 - Christopher Lavender (FL), to Stickwire:
     I got my Stick back today from Stick Enterprises. I had it overhauled, set up and had a dual nut installed. First of all let me say that the workmanship is absolutely top notch. For a little over $300 (I had a bunch of extra stuff done and I had it shipped Express) I basically have a brand new instrument. Along with the regular set up stuff that I needed done, I had a crack near the truss nut that Emmett fixed beautifully. I also needed a ton of small parts replaced like saddle screws and the strap post. In addition they did some kind of refinishing of the wood and it looks absolutely beautiful. Well worth every penny I paid.

8 July 99 - Dan Schmidt (CA), to Stick Enterprises:
     Once again thank you so much for the work done on the Stick. I tried it out when I got home, and man o man what a difference! It's so smooth and natural feeling, it's a joy to touch. Especially, the bass strings. They were always a workout to pound on. Even my wife was pleased with the outcome, and that was a challenge. She was impressed with the difference in the sound quality. (She likes the sound of the Stick better than the guitar in general, but especially liked the improvements to the sound quality).

10 May 97 - Michael Jeter (NY), to Stick Enterprises:
     Just wanted to say how much I enjoy my re-tuned Stick. Emmett set my melody for GDAEAD. I decided to be a hard head and move the high A to a B, thus my melody is a Crafty relationship built on the G above the standard bass C. Thanks again Emmett and Yuta. The quality and speed with which the repairs were done is incredible.

7 March 97 - Russell Keating (IL), to Stickwire:
     I would recommend that you send your instrument to Stick Enterprises and have it set up correctly. It is worth it. Although I do all of my setup (truss rod, bridge/nut screws, pickups), I have had to send a Stick in to Emmett when it needed a bit more attention than I could give it. The results were well worth the shipping cost and the short time without the instrument. If Emmett sets it up for you, you can sleep well at night knowing that you have a Stick that plays the way it was intended to.

25 February 97 - Attila Baraczka (Canada), to Stickwire:
     I just got my Stick back today from being serviced at Stick Enterprises, and I am almost speechless. When Yuta and Emmett said I wouldn't recognize my instrument upon its return, they were absolutely right. Can't surf - must go play now!

21 February 97 - Casey Arrillaga (CA), to Stickwire:
     I must credit a lot of the great sound to the fact that as soon as I bought my Grand (used) I took it to Emmett who set up the action, intonation and did a little fret work all of which gave me one of the best sounding Sticks I've ever played.