New Instruments

11 January 19 - Jesse Dahms (PA), to Cambria & Emmett:
Stick #6283 arrived safely today and I couldn't be happier! The instrument is gorgeous and a joy to play. It's beautiful enough to reside full-time on display in my living room. I can certainly feel the advancements in design that you've made over the years between this new one and my other Stick from '83. (#1062).

I view The Stick not only as an instrument but also a work of art. It is your vision come to life, but unlike most works of art, it is not a static end in itself. While it's certainly is a finely crafted piece, the instrument becomes a conduit which enables its players a freedom of expression in a manner which otherwise would not be possible. Thank you for continuing to share your creation with us.

11 May 17 - Thomas Brigham (TX), to SE:
Hello there. I just want to say everything arrived fantastic! The instrument (rosewood 10-string) is beautiful and plays great. Thank you for being kind and helpful and give my regards to Emmett and crew. I look forward to more purchases in the future. Now it is time to get to work writing some music!

1 May 17 - Steve Darmanin (FL), to Cambria:
All was received last Thursday and #6332 is truly stunning and extraordinary!! I have been playing on her all weekend and man it is wonderful!! Please give my thanks and appreciation to all of the folks in the shop who worked on 6332. I am so pleased by the quality. In addition please let Emmett know as well - just another happy Stick player spreading the good musical word for sure. And lastly, but not least by any means, thank you Cambria for being so kind and patient with me.

14 March 15 - Rolando Kuan (Puerto Rico), to Cambria at Stick Enterprises
Just received my Stick last night. I gotta tell you it was even better that I thought it would be! It is such an improvement on my old one! I just wrote to let you know that it arrived in great condition and I love it!!! I'll use it this Saturday on a gig already. Thanks also for the DVD and CD, really appreciate them.
Tell Emmett that you got another happy customer!!!

16 February 15 - Tom Hansberry (New Jersey), to Cambria at Stick Enterprises
WOW!! She is beautiful, her name is Violeta. I cannot express in words how beautiful this work of art is!! I am so happy to have her. I want to thank Mr. Chapman, Mrs. Chapman, Cambria and anyone who helped to make my Violeta. I am going to study with Steve (Adelson) and I intend to devote the rest of my life to play this instrument to the best of my abilities. It is an honor to be a part of the Chapman Stick family!

7 October 14 - Paul Adelerhof (Netherlands), to Stick Enterprises
I attended Steven Wilson's concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London and it was a life changing experience, seeing The Stick played by none other then Nick Beggs. The sound he created was incredible. It was love at first sight (or sound, if you will). Returning to Holland, I thought about how it would be for me (guitarist/bassist) to play such an instrument so I decided to order a 10-string Stick in satine hardwood.

Dear Cambria sent me the most friendly mails, saying that you were delayed. I thought this must be a very popular instrument. It took almost 8 months before I got your email notification saying, "Your Stick is finished". Long story short, today this beautifull instrument was delivered and when i opened the case, there it was, one of the most beautiful crafted instruments I have ever seen. I own some of the best PRS guitars ever made, but the Chapman Stick is just a piece of art. I will play it with pride (once I have learned the skills). Again thank you very much to all at Stick Enterprises. Keep up the good work!!!

13 February 14 - Graham Wyatt (UK), to Stick Enterprises
I'd just like to thank you all for the excellent service you provided from the initial enquiry, right through to the instrument leaving your premises. And WHAT and instrument - it's BEAUTIFUL. Flawless workmanship, and the clean look of light bamboo, black hardware and inlays is everything I hoped for. I've put in some real effort into playing, and I hope I'll be able to do the instrument justice.

7 March 13 - Michael Erdmier (Illinois), to Stick Enterprises:
My NS/Stick was delivered yesterday and I just wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for all your help with this! She was packaged very well, arrived without incident and was even perfectly setup and in tune, even with the cold weather here!

Never having had the opportunity to even see any Stick model in person before this purchase, I was excited and a little nervous to play her for the first time. I don't believe I've ever played an instrument as high in quality as this NS/Stick. The adjustability, the build quality, the feel of the instrument in your hands...It's just amazing!

Such a wide array of tones is available with very little change in playing style, this really does make me sound like a better bass player than I am. It will be a while before full two-handed tapping in both registers becomes natural, but even just played as a bass or with two-handed bass tapping, this is an amazing instrument!

Anyway, I need to go play some more. Thank you, thank you for everything. You guys are amazing!

16 January 13 - Jim Meyer (Canada), to Stick Enterprises
Hi Emmett, great to see you back on the 4th when I picked up the new wenge Grand Stick. I've been playing it every day and am just blown away with how nice it feels and the incredible action. I felt the same way in 2001 when I got my Tarara Grand (which replaced my used Ironwood 10-string circa 1984) and again in 2008 when I bought the Light Bamboo Grand with GK-3. The bamboo was so great to play when I got it that I didn't think you could top it. Proved me wrong again!

I'm focusing on recording for the next couple of months and I have a feeling that the wenge will be front and center. Thanks for such a great instrument.

14 March 12 - Eugene Smozhevsky (Belarus), to Stick Enterprises
Hi Cambria! I was crossing my fingers until I got home and plugged in my new Stick. What a fantastic, extraterrestrial, beautiful and inspiring instrument! The Stick absolutely blows me away. It sounds so sweet that playing it is a far bigger pleasure than even listening. I'm not sure which part of the brain tricks me since it makes no sense at all, but it seems to work exactly tuned the way it is.

I was immediately able to play something. Emmet and all of you guys are doing an amazingly great job - my biggest and warmest thanks. It's a long way ahead of me with book, DVD and practice, still it's the most pleasant and inspiring start I've ever lived through. Once again, this is just a fantastic object that makes some fantastic sounds.

02 March 12 - Sergio Cannata (Italy), to Stick Enterprises
I received the instrument this morning, it is in perfect condition (setup, intonation, playability and so on - very comfortable). No items missing in the package, everything in perfect order, just as I expected. Big thanks to you and everyone at Stick Enterprises, I am actually very satisfied.

20 February 12 - Daniel Mitton (Italy), to Stick Enterprises
I received The Stick and I'm now back home to Italy. The instrument is beautiful, perfect every detail with great craftsmanship! Even more beautiful is the setup and the sound when I finally managed to plug it into my rig! The great tone I always hoped for is finally achieved and the control over the dynamics is unbelievable. Every single detail was above my expectations!

Congratulation to Emmett for his vision and to all the SE team for making it real! And thanks a lot Cambria, for all your help!

24 September 11 - Mauricio Sotelo (Mexico City), to Stick Enterprises
Well, the new Stick just arrived yesterday afternoon just before the rain. I was waiting all day for it and I immediately opened the case and began to play. I was surprised that it was still in tune, and I just plugged it in and played. The sound is great, with lots of interesting combinations on the (PASV-4) pickup. I already have my favorite sound. The sensation on the fretboard is very comfortable. My fingers feel good and I can play very fast without too much energy. But most of all, I enjoy the powerful sound of the bass strings at the very first frets. This is where I feel the biggest difference.

I'm very happy to have this great new instrument. It is Saturday and I woke up early to play The Stick and to write to you to say, muchas gracias!

23 Aug 11 - John Duxbury (Australia), to Stick Enterprises
It's here, in one piece, with all bits and pieces present and seemingly correct. What an amazing piece of kit this is - not only good looking, but the sound it makes just though a straight amp is fabulous. Totally in lust with it already...

I wonder if Merry will ever get to have a go? :-) She may have to beat me senseless before I'll hand it over.

23 May 11 - David Hampton (Arizona), to
On May 12th I received 10-string Stick #5629 in rosewood with MR tuning, medium gauge strings, Stickup, chrome tuners/black buttons and glow linear inlays. My primary instruments are piano and violin. The quality of the Stick I received was unbelievable. The Stick has some real magic. It's been a few years since anything has been so captivating.

15 March 11 - Roy Truax (New York), to Stick Enterprises:
"Mind blowing" best describes the difference between my new model and 803. Everything was set up wonderfully and she plays like a dream. The X fret will take a little getting used to, but a slight adjustment in approach adds to the perpetual challenge that keeps one sharp, and the Stick is never short on challenges...
      Thank you so much for such a delightful instrument.

03 March 11 - Gabriele Pala (Italy), to Stick Enterprises:
Hello! I got my #5920 Stick in hands, a rosewood Grand. It's a superb piece of art, I would like to say thank you to Emmett and all of you at Stick Enterprises for making this this. Wood is amazingly looking, the instruments itself is perfect in every detail. Just from the first notes played, it's like I've always played it... a really pleasant sensation. The sound is incredible, all videos and stuff available on the net does not give the precise idea of the full round sound of the instrument, how every note sings and responds to fingers dynamics. As soon as I will be able to produce some decent song, maybe I'll post some video on YouTube/Facebook.

15 February 11 - Milton Quackenbush (Australia), to Stick Enterprises:
I want to thank you for my beautiful instrument. It is even more beautiful than I imagined it would be. And the workmanship is awesome. I love it. I couldn't open the box fast enough when I got home, and I have already worked up some rhythm patterns. I know I'm going to love practising on it.

22 September 10 - Josh Goldberg (New York), to Stick Enterprises:
I can't thank you guys enough for the beautiful creation sitting next to me. My stick came in the mail yesterday, and I think I've already logged a good 10 hours on it. The craftsmanship is so impeccable, so utilitarian while at the same time strikingly beautiful, I can't get over it. Currently I'm reading through the Bach Cello Suite in G Major, my intention being to get to the inventions and then eventually the fugues like Bob Culbertson. In a day and a half I already feel more at home on The Stick than I did after 6 years on a guitar. So, I just wanted to say thanks again for this beautiful beast.

14 September 10 - Doug Beale (California), to Stick Enterprises:
I was able to spend a little time with the Grand Stick over the weekend and I think it is absolutely amazing. This is the most beautiful instrument I have ever seen or played. The precision of the craftsmanship is evident the moment I pick it up. Subtlety.
The playing dynamics blew me away. This is an incredibly expressive instrument, which is what I was hoping for. I did intuitively feel that this instrument was a wise choice, but I wasn't completely prepared for how wonderful it is. Your invention has opened up a whole new musical path for me.

30 January 10 - André Pelat (France), to Stick Enterprises:
Dear Emmett, I received the Stick Friday 29th January at 3 pm. My first feeling when I opened the parcel was, "It's incredible!". This Stick is so beautiful, I couldn't imagine that before!
When I began to play - wouaouh! The "Rail" frets are absolutely great and give a precise touch and slide easily. Also, these frets reveal a more brilliant sound than the older Rods. It is really pleasant. I am wondering how you did that!

Thank you so much for the 4 extra frets. I can play Classic pieces like Winter of Vivaldi or Hungarian dance #5 without bending high notes. The "Flaps" dual nut allows me to play a Gm7 in the same position as my Am7, and that lower C is powerful!

One thing more incredible I notice - The Stick arrived in tune in spite of the travel from CA to France. You adjusted perfectly this Stick. Everywhere you play on the fretboard it's easy and each note is in tune. The 2 GK3 are perfect.
      This stick is the BEST I have held in my hand! Emmett, I haven't the English words to express my gratitude for your love of the perfect work and your sensible advice. Your intuition helped me in my choice, and I don't forget Yuta, Cambria and Ben for their friendly help. I am so happy!

08 July 09 - Jeff Pearce (Indiana), to Stick Enterprises
Hi Emmett,

After an extended holiday weekend, I've had a chance to put the new Bamboo 10 string through a wringer of playing. what a great instrument!

It will take me a while to get used to the "extended" scale, since my other full sized Stick is a non-extended scale. I would have sworn that you used much lighter gauges of strings on this new instrument, but I looked at the packing list sheet- those are the right gauges. Those extra two inches make a BIG difference!

I love the sound of the Stickup on the Bamboo instrument, and am still thinking that my Stickup-equipped Alto is such a "revelation" in Stick playing- there's something about that smaller scale instrument that demands "harmonic improvisation", whereas I swing towards "melodic improvisation" with the full sized Sticks. Perhaps the overlap of the alto, being in the "upper ranges" as far as overlap goes, focuses my attention on those areas of upper overlap in the left hand ("bass" side). Whatever it is- I like it, and I'm still grateful that you took such care in repairing my Alto!

Thanks for the care involved in creating this new Stick, and for all the updates along the way!

21 December 09 - Dave Brosky (Pennsylvania), to Stick Enterprises
      Words cannot express the absolute joy of my new bamboo Grand Stick. It has been 20 years (1989) since I first ordered my white polycarb 10-string. The incredible innovations (fret "Rails", advanced bridge, the "X-fret", 4-way divided truss rods, wider string spacing) and the playability is incredible. It was like swinging a golf club with weights and then taking the weights off! Since Greg long ago rightfully convinced me to have my 10-string converted to Baritone Melody, it was an easy transition to Classic 6+6. I can now harmonically reach chords and perform open voicings with ease. Aesthetically, it is gorgeous with the light bamboo and the "jade" linear inlays (which really do help show where you are). Every time I pick up my Sticks, I honor your innovation and vision.

09 December 08 - Eric Knapp (Wisconsin), to
      I am home today with a surprise day off. My college is closed due to a snow storm. I'm hoping it will arrive even with the snow. UPS doesn't usually get here until after 5. Just before noon I hear a truck pull up in front, it's UPS. I run to the front door open it up and thank the driver quite thoroughly.
      My Daughter and I find a knife and open the box, the soft case is wrapped in bubble wrap, lots of bubble wrap. We get a scissors and cut away.
      I sit on the floor trembling, I have not trembled like this in a long time. Maybe never since I met my wife. I open the case and pull out my new Stick.
      It's home.
      This is really incredible, I have only played a 12-string for a few minutes at a time and it already feels like an old friend. The craftsmanship is, of course, perfect. The sound is surprising. I thought it would sound better than my old poly, but it blew me away. It is amazing!
      I love this instrument and I will be playing it for a long, long time.
      Many thanks to Emmett, Yuta, Grace, Ben, and all the other SE people I haven't had the pleasure of meeting on the phone yet.

29 July 08 - Jeff Norem (USA), to Stick Enterprises
      I wanted to let know that I received my bamboo 10 string and am blown away, as usual, at how beautiful and perfect that thing is. I wanted to have a standard scale stick at my disposal, and this stick is the nicest one I've ever seen. Every time I get a new Stick, I'm really amazed at the subtle improvements that have been made to an instrument that I already considered to be perfect. The action, feel and intonation of this new stick is flawless from nut to bridge - man you guys are incredible! I absolutely love the feel and rigidity of the bamboo and and I am stunned at the crisp clarity of the active pickup.

20 May 08 - Tom Griesgraber (California), to Stickwire
      It has been a little over four years since I last had a brand new, factory fresh scent Grand Stick, but yesterday I traded in my much beloved and much traveled #5202 for a new instrument. I was in a bit of a hurry as I'm playing a gig for the national trustees of the Grammys tomorrow.
      Now #5490 is home and we're getting acquainted. What can I say? Emmett keeps tweaking things and they keep getting better. This is simply the best playing and best sounding Stick I've ever had. The biggest change this time is the slightly wider string spacing and overall width. I think it's a great change - subtle but it's there, and my fingers seem happier with their new digs.
      Everything about the setup on this instrument is fantastic. I can pound notes with no buzzing, and I can feather them with no effort. The music is pulsing and breathing. Walking around Stick Enterprises yesterday, I got to see a lot of other new things coming down the pike, things that may still be "top secret" so I'd better not say anything here. They look good though, real good. SE keeps innovating and refining. There's never been a better time to be a Stick player!

18 April 08 - Boris Bazurov (Moscow), to Stick Enterprises
      Dear Emmett: I am happy to inform you about successful customs clearance of instrument! Fantastic sound is just direct thru Mackie 1204 yet! Light strings, excellent pearl, highest quality of graphite! Also I see imprint of cares of you as Lord of Strings (perfect tweaking) - wow!! It's my instrument absolutely! I played funk all first night! My Gusly-psaltery become accurately ala "Space Shuttle-Buran" and will have stock "soft" interface (butt joint) between both instruments in future. In any case, our experiments must be useful.

14 March 08 - Ray Levigne (New Hampshire), to Stickwire:
Friends ... I got my new NS Stick!!! It's beautiful ... perfect!!! I didn't want to say anything until it arrived. And it's HERE ... walnut wood, eboney stain ... a thing of beauty. And, I intend to use it on my gig tonight!! I'll post more about it later. Right now i have to practice!

3 October 07 - Jim Storm (Illinois), to
      Finally got to plug it in. Here are my thoughts. HOLY CRAP. First of all, the Stick is very light. A 12-string bamboo seems to weigh no more than a 10-string paduak. It has a Stickup and I cannot convey how much better it sounds to my ears. My girlfriend agreed with this. The bass side is very rich, very full, and very "Stick".
      The instrument itself is beautiful. The dark bamboo has a golden "honey" color to it, and the feel is very smooth, much smoother than my Padauk. The indigo inlays contrast very nicely with the color of the wood and are much easier to see than the dots on my previous Sticks. Pictures will be forthcoming.
      Once again, I am very grateful for Emmett's vision, and an again amazed at the quality and workmanship that goes into his instruments.

9 September 07 - Michael Duclon, to Stick Enterprises
      Emmett, I recieved my new SB8 today. It is a superb instrument. I wanted to thank you and tell you how impressed I am with it. It will be a perfect companion to my 10 string MR tuned Stick you made for me just under 3 years ago.
      Again, many thanks and say hi to Yuta for me.

05 September 7 - Steve Hendrixson (USA), to
      Well, I finally received my Stick #5313 today. I have been playing with it now for around an hour. I can't recall ever being so moved by an instrument's quality and craftsmanship; it is simply the coolest thing I have ever layed hands on. Thanks to everyone on this forum for answering all of my silly noob questions. (your patience is astounding). Although I can tell you that now having played one, the questions are really just beginning....The wait is totally worth every last minute; BELIEVE IT.
    Thank you to Emmett and everyone at SE for doing such a great job!!!

24 December 06 - Steve Richardson (UK), to Stick Enterprises:
      Got 5392 a few days back. Its better than any I've had before. The bamboo is really beautiful. The fret Rails really make it easier to play. The long scale opens up the lower range. Guess you could say I'm happy.

07 November 06 - Rich Snyder (MD), to
      The seminar was great for me. I was able to play several different instruments and found that I really like the bamboo Stick. I think they should market it as the "ChopStick". Very light and rigid, but still has an organic feel to it.

28 April 06 - Michael Baran (OH), to Stick Enterprises:
      Words can't describe your level of workmanship. I just received my Stick and its flawless. Thanks again for another work of art.

15 January 06 - Chen Gershuni (Israel), to Stickwire:
      My first Stick, fresh from SE's latest production run, concluded its journey across America, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean with a smooth landing in Tel Aviv. This instrument is a joy to play. It has an excellent sound and it even looks great. Thank you, Emmett, for inventing the Stick all those years ago and for its continuous evolution and manufacturing to the present time. Also, thanks to everyone at SE.

17 September 05 - Just Olieman (Netherlands), to Stick Enterprises:
      Last Tuesday Ron (Baggerman) came to my house at half past midnight to deliver no. 5252, the most beautiful, the punchiest, the most percussve and most bizarre Stick I've seen or played. It's a 10-string padauk with black tuners, black linear markers and an EMG Block. You probably know all this because it was built by you and your family, but I have to say that it's way beyond my expectations. Ron had loaned me another Stick for more then half a year and would pick it up now and then when he needed it, but always made sure that I had it back before rehearsel. So you see, I'm really really glad that Ron is the importer here and that he lives in the same town as I do (Gouda), besides being a real hell of a guy!!! I went to Ron's Stick Seminar in April and was totally blown away. It's really a world of it's own and everybody is friendly and open to different kinds of music. They don't seem to care if it's your first mounth or if you've been playing longer then someone else has been alive. I was especially fond of Bob (Culbertson's) expression and wide range of styles. My many questions didn't seen to bother him and he seemed to actually enjoy them! All the lessons were great and super educational. It was my best weekend ever. You probably hear this all the time, but the instrument has changed my life, so I'd like to thank you and your family, Yuta and Grace a thousand times for making it all possible and for creating a new world of non-arrogant, gifted and honest people. Keep up the good work and never stop making these brilliant miracles.

13 September 05 - Jon Southwood (IA), to StickWire:
      Well, yesterday, I came home from work to my brand spankin' new Mahogany Grand Stick with Stickup, #5603. I opened the case and was immediately taken aback by how beautiful the mahogany laminate was. Stunning. I just stared at it for a minute. Trepidation began to wane. The quality of craftsmanship was obvious. As I held it and looked it over it became clear to me that this was the most well-made instrument I've ever owned (by comparison to an early 90s PRS, a Parker Fly, and a Larrivee acoustic - all very high quality instruments). When I plugged it in (straight into a mixer feeding a couple Alesis studio monitors) it was soooo easy to get a good sound out of it. Even the right hand, which has little experience playing on the strings was able to get some decent sounds. Instant gratification. Tonight, I start the journey through Greg's Stick Book and I can't wait!

23 April 05 - Eric Peterson (CA), to Stickwire:
      My first Stick, 10-string #4952, arrived yesterday!!! YEEEEEEHAAAAWWWW!!! It's taken me over 24 hours to come up for air. It's beautiful, a work of art, a paragon of functional elegance. The padauk is a warm reddish orange-brown that reminds me of the rocks at Arches National Park in Utah. The linear glow fret markers look great, very subtle and classy.
       I'm already in deep appreciation of all the kind words of advice and encouragement I've received on this list, and I'm proud to be joining the worldwide community of Stickists! Many thanks to Emmett, Yuta, Chiz, and to anyone who may have worked on my beautiful new obsession. I'm gonna take a deep breath and submerge again!

07 April 05 - Derek Dallenger (UK), to Stick Enterprises:
      Hi Emmett, just a quick note from a cyber-cafe in England to say thankyou so very much for the fret-work and set-up and inlay on Stick#5003, it really is just totally excellent. The feel is exceptionally smooth now in the melody strings and there is no loss of power in the bass. It really is just totally EXCELLENT - thankyou, thankyou, THANKYOU !

14 December 04 - Jaap Kramer (Holland), to Stick Enterprises:
      Yesterday Ron Baggerman personally delivered my new Grand Stick #5203. It's a beautiful instrument. Just a few first impressions:
- It has been built perfectly! Not a scratch or flaw to find. Wow!
- The setup is, of course, top notch. Just raised the nut a bit at the thickest bass strings to get more power at the lowest fret (I'm a bassist).
- The Fret rails felt good right from the start. I expected them to feel awkward, but I like them a lot. More room for the fingers, more control.
- The PASV-4 has LOTS of usable sounds. With a bit of EQ-ing it can come fairly close to the Stickup. The bass side is just what I was looking for, and the tone rotary switches do a neat job.
Ron and I had a good time jamming and "Stick talking". Quite special that the instrument you order is brought to your home like this :-) A big thank you for Stick Enterprises and Ron! Gotta play now :-)

25 September 04 - Pascal Glanville (UK), to Stick Enterprises:
      Hi, played my first gig with the new graphite Stick last night. I really can't give you enough praise for the playability of this instrument. It's just AMAZING!!!! It feels so good that I can get on with making music. Thanks again and well done for producing such a beautiful instrument.

22 September 04 - Pascal Glanville (UK), to Stick Enterprises:
      Just a quick note to say that I received my new graphite XG Stick and all the accessories last Thursday. Wow, what an incredible instrument. It is heavier then my cherry wood Grand Stick, which took some time to get used to, but this one feels more solid. It is truly a beautiful piece of work. The setup is perfect and the lower fret really opens things up for me. I have played my Grand Stick so much and I was so used to the feel of it that it is strange to play another, but the XG is certainly an improvement - above and beyond. The new Fret Rails took me no time to get used to and YES they are easier to play and more expressive than the Rods, especially up in the higher registers. The feel of the graphite is not sticky or tacky and gives the Stick even more of a futuristic look. The Block is great as well, a different sound than the other Stick pickups but clearer and with a more mid-range boost and highs, and the tone options work wonders.

24 May 04 - David Parr (TN), to Stickwire:
      The UPS man just dropped off a brand-new extended scale padauk Grand Stick with a PASV-4 pickup. Wow!!! It arrived in tune, plays absolutely great and has so many tonal options. This is my first new Stick since 1986 so I'm a bit overwhelmed as to how far Emmett has taken this instrument. Life is good.

15 March 04 - Matt Rogers (TX), to Stickwire:
      My new Stick finally made it today, and I just don't have the words to describe its beauty or the happiness it has brought me. My old ironwood was a great instrument. I cut my teeth with it and found inside it the musician I was meant to be. But this new Stick is in a different class; all of Emmett's innovations and refinements were almost too much to absorb when I first played it. The Rails are like playing on air and the ACTV2 produces a "crystalline" type of tone; the highs have such a singing quality. What was already a friendly instrument to tap on has evolved into a vehicle of effortless expression. If this is a dream, may I never wake.

4 February 04 - Stuart McConaghy (CT), to Stickwire:
      Today, I got to play a Stick for the first time, courtesy of Brett Bottomley, who frequents my store and first outed himself as a Stickist when asking about our display Bose amps. He popped into my department and said, "Hi, I got my new Stick with me, wanna try?" Hell yeah, do I ever! Opens his case, pulls out this gorgeous tarara Stick with Block and hands it to me with the words, "You wearing a belt?" Now, I admit, I had no idea what to do at first when I had it on, but the first tap of the strings was the real eye-opener. I knew from all these posts that The Stick was easy to touch, and a comfortable instrument feel-wise, but I wasn't prepared for it being THIS comfortable. Guitarists always talk about a light action, and whenever I picked up a guitar with supposed light action I always felt I had to use more force to hold down a string than necessary. Not with the Stick. I have never had the pleasure of fooling around with an instrument that felt so comfortable and almost familiar from the first second on! This has grown from an instrument that I loved the sound of to an instrument that is gnawing away at my brain to a point where I'll just have to break down and buy one already! Thanks Brett, for letting me have a go at your Stick, and BTW, for someone who's only been playing for 8 months, you sure ain't no slouch!

29 January 04 - Rob Martino (IL), to Stickwire:
      I recently tried out a graphite 10-string with Rails and the PASV-4 pickup thanks to Jim in the Boston area, and I'm very impressed with the latest instruments Stick Enterprises is producing. I really like the Rails and extended length, and all the sonic options on the pickup.

4 August 03 - Joe Musmanno (MA), to Stickwire:
       Well, in the context of this list, the answer for me is simple, and powerful: If I could start all over again, I would start with Stick as my first and only musical instrument. Now, for a more pragmatic answer, if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't worry so much about tuning or number of strings. It seemed really important to me before I bought a Stick, but I realize now that it wasn't a big deal. I further think the adjustability offered by newer instruments is probably not that important for the beginning player, mostly because standard tuning and string gauges are just fine, thank you. Since I'm primarily a drummer, and didn't have any stringed-instrument- bias before I started, I would have liked to experiment more with alternate set-ups (maybe mirrored uncrossed tritones!), but the sad reality is that all that tweaking of gear would just take away from time I should have spent playing. Besides, I might have discovered that there are very good reasons to set up the Stick in standard configuration.
      And finally, if I were to start over, I wouldn't have been so concerned with picking the *right* instrument from the get-go. The instruments hold their value well, so the thing to do is to get *any* available instrument, play with it for a while, and then decide (armed with experience) what features you really want, and what features you really are willing to pay for. Also, if you decide the Stick isn't for you, your investment in the experiment will have been lower.

22 June 03 - Christian Buechele (Germany) to Stick Enterprises:
       I tested Harald's brand new 10-string rosewood Stick with PASV-4 pickups under live conditions so to say. Great instrument! I like the fret Rails and the versatility of the pickup a lot.

19 June 03 - Robert Schrum (MI), to Stickwire:
       Considering you're getting a custom instrument built to order by the original inventor, 5 or 6 months isn't bad. I wonder how long Stradivari's waiting list was?

19 June 03 - Jonathan Stokes (TX), to Stickwire:
       My guess is that every Stickless person, myself included, who's placed an order for a new Stick, waiting on the current and next runs, is lurking on this list. I know a lot of you bought used Sticks starting out, but for those of you who started with a new? I'm curious to know: What did you do during the waiting period? Besides looking for overtime or side-jobs to pay for it? can anyone remember tuning a guitar in straight fourths to try it out, or even tuning a bass in upside down 5ths? The sensible thing of course is to wait patiently and then embrace The Stick experience when the appropriate time comes. But you wouldn't be Stickists if you were extremist in some sense -- so I'm sure some of you out there are extremely impatient as well.

7 June 03 - Jim Whisenant (MA), To Stickwire:
       So, it's been about a week now, and I've had some time to play with the XG. Some impressions, about the XG, the PASV-4, and Rails (which are also new experiences for me). The XG is a joy to play. The body finish moves easily under my thumbs, just like the Ironwood does. The fret spacings are comfortable, just like on the ironwood. The Rails feel very good under my fingers. The tone selection for both bass and melody is a real eye-opener. I'm now able to dramatically change the sound of the entire instrument, with a couple of well-placed switch turns, more in real time, than I could with the ACTV-2. Hope folks find this helpful. The XG is a plunge well worth taking.

23 April 03 Glenn Poorman (MI), to Stickwire:
       When you compare what you're getting with other instruments (hand-made guitars, violins, etc), it becomes quite clear that The Stick really is a bargain. The Stick has always been an instrument of the utmost quality. What makes me feel fortunate however is that, in spite of that quality, Emmett continues to come up with new ideas and today's Stick instruments are better than ever. The fret choices, pickup choices, material choices, etc, etc, make this a truly great time to be a Stick player.

23 April 03 - Darin Stewart (OR), to Stickwire:
       For the price of one of these violins, I could buy two fully loaded Sticks. Emmett is really providing a remarkable instrument at a remarkable price. Now if I can just get my wife thinking in those terms?

15 December 02 - Tommy Kochel (PA), to Stickwire:
       All of Emmett's instruments are of the highest quality, yet there are several innovations in his more recent instruments, which greatly increase the joy and ease of playing. The later hardwood (and carbon graphite) models have a two-way adjustable truss rod, which makes retuning and action adjustment a snap (I'm not sure whether or not the ironwoods have this feature). Besides the stock "Stickup" pickup, (on your ironwood), today they offer The Block ACTV-2 active pickup as well as The Block PASV-4 passive pickup which I have (which has 4 tone positions for each group of strings, four "brightness" positions for each group of strings, volume for each and a stereo/mono switch for the whole thing. It's quite nice!). There is also the choice of today of Fret Rods (round and large) or Fret Rails (almost pointed). Then there's the choice of Carbon Fiber Graphite as well as MIDI (GK-2AH - usually on the melody strings).
       By the way, Stick Enterprises did not put me up to this; that's not the way they operate, (I've yet to deal with another such an honorable and helpful company).

3 December 02 - Kevin Simonson (IL), to Stickwire:
       I've been flipping back and forth over whether to get a 10 or a 12-string, Stickup, ACTV-2, PASV-4. In the end, it doesn't matter. You can't make a wrong choice.

3 December 02 - Paul Potts (MI), to Stickwire:
       I did a lot of agonizing over what to get myself, but after having tried a bunch of different kinds with different options, I can tell you with some confidence that everything in current production is very cool, very refined, and very playable. The distinctions are not just cosmetic, but they are fairly subtle refinements to a great design, tweaking it in one direction or another. The best way to narrow down your preference on these rather subtle distinctions is to get one and play it! If you eventually want to trade it for a slightly different option there are lots of people who would like to take it off your hands for most of the price of a new instrument. So, it's really hard to go wrong.

22 November 02 - Gabriele Tassi (Italy), to Stick Enterprises:
       I received my new Stick and I'm very glad to say it came in perfect conditions: intonation, action, even tuning! Even if I'm completely new to this instrument I already tried to play my favorite bass and guitar tune on it and I was even more impressed by the clear, precise and powerful sound that it can produce with so little effort. Since English is not my mother tongue, I quickly run out of adjectives, so I will simply say that I'm extremely pleased with your work.

11 November 02 - William Murray (NY), to Stick Enterprises:
       I received my Stick last month and haven't put it down yet, I don't imagine I ever will! My drumming and keyboard skills have translated nicely and I am already faster than any guitarist I've ever played with (now just to make musical sense of it!!) I haven't even GONE into the MIDI yet (saving that!!!). What a beautiful instrument!

7 November 02 - Greg Howard (VA), to Stickwire:
       The bodiless design allows a certain intimacy and comfort level that other instruments don't have. The way the instrument angles back towards your shoulder makes it easy to see what's going on, and makes left-hand wrist angles less severe than if the neck is far away from your body. I also like to emphasize that there is little risk in buying a Stick. Unlike other instruments, they hold their value really well, thanks to the relatively small supply and high demand. So if it turns out they don't like it (unbelievable though this may sound, it does happen:), they should be able to get what they paid for it or nearly that much.

17 October 02 - Kent Rytting (UT), to Stickwire:
       Gotta love the Purple Heart (I've got a Purple Heart Grand with EMG's). What a fun time, getting the new instrument. Now for the hard part, figuring out how to play it! I must warn you, that the possibilities are infinite with your new instrument, and it will slowly take over your life...

3 September 02 - Warren Buttler (GA), to Sticknews:
       I just received my Stick #2004 Tuesday and by Thursday with the assistance of instructional video's available through Stick Enterprises I was playing major chords and simple bass lines in unison. I am a guitarist, who also works the mandolin and square-neck dobro, however The Stick was totally new to me, I had never held one previously. There's nothing to fear in regards to The Stick, it is a wonderful opportunity to create new, fresh music like nothing you've ever done before. Don't hesitate if you are considering a Stick. As an aside, Mrs. Chapman, Terry and all the folks at Stick Enterprises are truly as nice and helpful as everyone on this list advises.

16 June 02 - Steinar Brekke (Norway), to Emmett:
       Thanks to you all for making me such a great instrument. It gives me limitless possibilities with the PASV-4 and my POD systems. I also love the stereo/mono switch that allows me to play special effects like the auto swell sound on both sides of The Stick - great! The Fret Rails are also a big improvement. And it just feels safer to play on. I also love the look of the Padauk and the new details. Looking forward to take The Stick with me on my summer holidays. I really hope you - more than anybody - are able to find time to enjoy playing this wonderful instrument you have developed through all these years.

21 May 02 - Bill Kitley (MI), to Stickwire:
       I've had my new shedua Grand for 2 months now and I love it. The shedua is a nice shade of brown with a nice grain. It's lighter than the rosewood but still definitely brown. I will say this though. Although I do love the look of my instrument, I really love playing The Stick and I would buy one even if the only color available was hot pink.

28 March 02 - Michelle Audet (Canada), to Stick Enterprises:
       I received my new Stick today. At first, I just opened the case and looked in awe. The color and grain of the padauk is stunning and the laminates are almost imperceptible. I picked it up and almost immediately felt as though I have worn this instrument for ages. I say worn, because it wears as naturally as a comfortable pair of shoes. What other instrument can you say that about? The term "happiness" cannot convey how I feel right now. Thank you Yuta, Emmett and everyone else at Stick Enterprises for everything.

27 March 02 - Jim Reilly (Canada), to Stick Enterprises:
       And while I'm on the subject of my new Stick, it feels better and better every time I pick it up. I like the spacing of the 10 strings and the smaller fretboard. I like the fact that it forces my hands to move more (I can't stay in one position as much as I could on my Grand). I love the Rails (my hands feel like they are floating on air) and the tonal variety of the PASV-4 needs no more praising. Even though I played my old stick for almost nine years, this new instrument feels much more like my instrument.

13 February 02 - Harry Steinke (Germany), to Stick Enterprises:
       As for the bare bones instrument, in my eyes it is a quantum leap both mechanically and sound wise. Especially the "90 degree pointed Rails fret system" causes the instrument to (almost) play by itself, i.e. extremely effortless. The PASV-4 offers a variety of great sounds with very low noise and cross talk. All in all, it is one great achievement as an instrument, a joy to play and for the penny pinchers - money well spent. Thank you all at Stick Enterprises for hanging on to your dreams - thus making it possible to share them with musicians all over the world.

26 November 01 - Greg Howard (VA), to Stickwire:
       To say that the beauty of The Stick lies only in it's functionality does it an injustice. It's true that from an ergonomic and mechanical standpoint it has no rival, but there's so much more to it. I'm currently playing a year-old padauk 12-string, which not only sounds gorgeous, but is one of the most beautiful wood instruments I've ever seen, of any kind.

7 August 01 - Jason Brock (Canada), to Stickwire:
       Just wanted to thank everyone at Stick enterprises for my new Grand Padauk Stick I received last week (traded in my ten string). The feel is superb-the new Fret Rails are very precise. As for beauty - sorry girls, this Stick has you beat. I cannot thank you enough for making my dream come true of a new Stick in time for the Kamloops (BC) Seminar! All of life's problems (physical) and obstacles seem to be disappearing since UPS arrived here last Thursday. Many thanks for this incredible instrument and kind service.

19 June 01 - Gert Christoffersen (Denmark), to Stick Enterprises:
       I'm just (writing) to tell you that I'm very happy with my new Stick. I have now had it for about a month, and it's still amazing me every time I pick it up to play. (Everything works just perfect, so I can't pick out anything to be especially good/everything is good!) I also want to thank you for the CD, with the master himself, it's very inspiring to hear him play. So all in all, I just want to thank you!

13 June 01 - Richard Gunn (UK), to Stickwire:
       I rang Yuta and asked what they had - I was lucky to catch the end of a batch and waited about 8 weeks if I remember correctly. It depends how fussy you are over the spec. I have a cherrywood model which is lightweight and looks great - I took Yuta's recommendation over the two woods which they had in stock at the time. However long it takes it is worthwhile for such a beautiful handmade instrument. A Stick is really something else.

24 May 01 - Armin Dupmeier (Germany), to Stick Enterprises:
       I just want to let you know that I received my new Stick. You must have done a lot of development work during the last years. That's my first impression after having played this fantastic new instrument. Thanks again for everything. Now it's time to return to my Stick.

10 May 01 - Eric Wallack (OH), to Stick Enterprises:
       My new Stick (#1850) arrived safe, sound, and in tune yesterday! I wanted to thank you all for such a wonderful, inspiring instrument - it's truly a work of playable art!

25 February 01 - Ron Baggerman (Netherlands), to Sticknews:
       A fullgrown Grand Stick with Rails, Flaps and 2 GK-2A pickups. Good (thing) I had something to hold onto when I received this beautiful piece of art. Although all Sticks which the Chapmans have delivered to me through the years were class instruments, this one is not from this earth, it looks as if it was made by Aliens. Anyone who has seen/heard me play can testify my touch can be very "dynamic", but when I play these Fret Rails I notice I can lighten up my touch, without sacrificing my volume, so to speak. Thanks Emmett for paying attention to many details often overlooked. The Flaps, (two separate plates which can be adjusted to lower or raise the action of the 2 groups of strings) is just what the doctor ordered to get the action ultralow without creating a buzz on certain places. Anyway, I can't wait to record with this "Mother of all Sticks". Next month I'll have three gigs in which I'll surely will check of what "wood this Stick is made off". Thanks Emmett and Yuta for making this Dutchman fly.

21 January 01 - Jaap Kramer (Netherlands), to Stickwire:
       Amazing how many new things Emmett has come up with the last couple of years. Would we have understood this description 20 years ago: Carbon fiber 10 string Stick with rear exposed truss rod, Grand Stick neck width, 36 inch scale length, fretless on the 3 lowest bass strings, Fret Rails, Flaps, Block pickup unit, GK-2A pickups, tuned in Matched Reciprocal?And I didn't even mention the NS/Stick and the Fret Rods; and the first Ironwood Sticks were quite OK already!

12 January 01 - Tim Slater (UK), to Stick Enterprises:
       Just a brief note to say how blown away I am by the beautiful Tarara Stick. What a simply awesome instrument! I quickly realized it will take many, many hours of study to begin to produce intelligent music from it, but your philosophy and book are a great encouragement.

10 January 01 - Greg Howard, (VA), to his mailing list:
       I'll be playing one solo set at The Cutting Room in Manhattan on Thursday, January 11 at 7:00 PM. This is a really nice place, good food, and a nice sound system. I just got a new Stick, and it's blowing me away. I hope you can come out for a listen.

18 December 00 - John Worthington (LA), to Stickwire:
       A reindeer, carefully disguised as a UPS man snuck up to my door and left my new Stick. I'm so happy to have it and it turned out beautiful. Allow me to introduce my new Grand, Tarara wood with paua inlays. 6+6 heavy gauge, Matched Reciprocal tuning. Fret Rails, Dual Nut, The Block, and GK-2A. It sounds and plays great. I don't, but that's what practice is for. Can't wait for the Stick Seminar in Texas.

31 October 00 - Fabrice Veron (CA), to Stick Enterprises:
       I tracked my Stick and my roommate had signed for it this morning. I couldn't resist, I had to go play over lunch time! WOW! What can I say?it's great! It sounds fantastic, the action is just perfect, the new strings and Frets provide such a crisp sound. Anyway, I lack words (but not notes anymore!) Thank you both for impeccable, friendly and lightning fast service.

23 October 00 - Glenn Poorman (MI), to Stickwire:
       I still vividly remember sitting at my office and having our front receptionist call me and say "Glenn ... UPS was just here and left a really odd box for you". I ran to the front just like I used to run downstairs on Xmas morning when I was a tot. People in my office had heard so much from me already that they all hovered around as I tore open the box and then the case. Then there was that collective look of "what the ..." on everyone's face. I let them look for a minute, closed it up, told them I'd be taking an extended lunch, and charged home to play. Yep. Still remember it well. It's odd the way things work out. I had some fairly pricey recording gear ordered and on it's way in the summer of 99. The engine in my wife's car died its last death and the expense of a rebuilt engine forced me to cancel that order. When I regained the funds, I decided to get a Stick instead. The changes in my own life that occurred as a result of the car and that decision made me stop and marvel at the things that can come from what seem like the most trivial little choices. Anyway ... I'm happy for you Dan. It's gonna be a blast.

6 October 00 - Steve Morgan (SD), to Stickwire:
       I know how you feel!!! I just got my Purple Heart Grand Stick today. What a piece of art. It actually showed up in almost perfect tune. The wood and craftsmanship are amazing. The Frets are filed to perfection and the action is so low I can hardly believe it. Now I just have to spend the next few years in the practice room learning how to make my hands independent. Oh well, that will come with time. Thanks Emmett, your vision has changed this person's musical direction forever. Thanks and God bless.

5 October 00 - Jason Brock (Canada), to Stickwire:
       Just wanted to express my gratitude to Stick Enterprises. I received my 10-string teak Stick yesterday; I have not put it down since. It arrived in tune and the action is incredible. I still can't believe the soft touch. Truly the most comfortable and best sounding instrument I have ever played. I see the endless possibilities. Many thanks to Emmett for his vision. I really cannot express how happy I am. All I can do is go back and play!

17 August 00 - Glenn Poorman (MI), to Sticknews:
       I guess I can safely say I was one of those people who was instantly gratified. I came from years of guitar, saxophone, and some keyboards and knew within a few days that I would be devoting my energy into becoming a Stick player. That was last October and I've barely missed a day of play time since. For starters, you must give it some time before you arrive at any conclusions. It seems daunting at first but there is a lot of sense to how The Stick works. And you'll find yourself doing things you thought would take forever in a matter of days.

16 August 00 - Joe McCollam (CA), to Stick Enterprises:
       How are you all doing? I'm doing great, and thoroughly enjoying my new Stick. I still can't get over its looks, and how effortless it is to play it.

14 July 00 - Robert Hillstrom (CO), to Sticknews:
       My advice to anyone out there thinking about buying their first Stick is simply this: Stop thinking about it and get one now! This is an incredible instrument! I received it on 7/13/2000 and have only been able to get to tapping for several hours. What a gorgeous piece of art. Yuta kept telling me how beautiful it looked but I had no idea. And the sound! WOW! It is amazing how "at home" I feel with this instrument even though I don't know what I'm doing. I am quite literally breathless. As a musician I have always played keyboards but felt something was missing. I bought a guitar but the emptiness remained. I can now say, with confidence, that the emptiness is gone. Many, many thanks to Yuta and Emmett for all the phone time answering my questions and making this an easy process. It is unfortunate that my ignorance of The Stick kept me from purchasing one years ago. But, I have one now!

18 May 00 - Alexandre Rouen (France), to Stick Enterprises:
       I received my Stick on Monday and it's great! After 3 days of practice, I'm convinced the Stick is the greatest instrument; polyphony, a wide range of notes and tones, expression, the ability to use effects, etc, etc... So I wanted to thank you all, and congratulate everybody who's involved in the making of the Sticks, and especially, of course, Emmett.

14 May 00 - Paul Mimlitsch (NJ), to Stick Enterprises:
       Just dropping you a line to let you know SB8 #1716 arrived in Southampton, NJ (Thurs.) safe and sound. Beautifully done. Plays like a dream (good selection BTW, on the string gauges for the tuning I chose - sounds and plays great).

26 April 00 - Steinar Brekke (Norway), to Stick Enterprises:
       Dear Chapmans! THANK YOU FOR THE BEAUTIFUL INSTRUMENT that arrived here before Easter! It is just great; I am completely overwhelmed! I love playing it! The improvements done over the years are so well done! Thanks again!

9 April 00 - Doug Johnson (IL), to Stickwire:
       I was so hyped-up to get my Stick that I had been rushing around for days expecting it to be there. When it finally arrived, I felt like a kid at Christmas (pardon me for the blatantly American analogue)! I still do...

8 April 00 - Tom Griesgraber (CA), to Stickwire:
       When I first got a Stick, I pulled it out of the box, put it on the floor in front of me and kind of stared at it for a long time...

9 July 99 - Louis Hesselt-van-Dinter (WA), to Stickwire:
       I received my new Stick this week. It's a beautiful maple Grand Stick (blue shell inlays) with MIDI. It's strung 6+6 (standard tuning and has the old style pickup. It's a wonderful instrument and an absolute dream to play. I can't seem to put it down.