Used Stick Instruments, Retrofits, Repairs, and Rebuilds

In addition to our current production runs of new instruments, we repair and rebuild Sticks from all older productions going back to 1974, including those in ironwood, injection molded polycarbonate, and later adjustable hardwoods. We usually receive several used and older Sticks on a weekly basis as trade-ins on new instruments, also for repairs and retrofits, and sometimes as buy-backs.

My daughter Grace and I rework and refinish all surfaces, replace old parts, and do the fret work, adjustments and setup required to make an old Stick play and sound like the newest one from our current production. Of course, older repaired and rebuilt Sticks are lacking some of the adjustable features and components of the newer ones, but this poses no problem to players who have decided upon one of the more standardized Stick 4ths with 5ths tunings.

If you have an instrument that needs repeair please contact us to arrange an estimate.