7 September 12 - Charles Hettinger (Pennsylvania, USA), to
       I have actually not cracked open a book yet but I have just been playing around with the instrument getting a feel for it. Last night before bed I started to actually make a little music... MUSIC I SAY! The concepts and everything I have seen and read magically filtered through my hands and I was playing chords for the first time on the Stick. OK, I know for you long time players you are likely yawning at this but it was a magical moment for me. My brain opened up to what I was doing and I had an irrepressible smile on my face as I fell asleep.
       Thanks for all the encouragement from everyone here! I cannot thank everyone enough for how kind they have been to me. This community is unlike any other I have been involved in... people actually helping other people and in an artistic venue... wow.

28 October 08 - Steve Adelson (New York), to Stickwire:
       It was most gratifying as a teacher to perceive that twinkle in the students' eyes when seminar ideas suddenly became part of their new reality. It's extremely rewarding to be part of this process. Our little fraternity expands each year and folks like Glenn and Oz help promote this environment. I applaude all who participate, whether building Sticks, attending seminars, recording their music or just practicing in the bedroom. The Stick and its community are creating history, in real time.

25 August 07 - Sean Stirling (Washington, USA), to is back up! Please add your thanks to mine on this thread to Manny Tau for the work he has done on the site and the efforts he makes to keep it up and running. I can only imagine how busy he must be outside his interest in music and Stick things. Thank you Manny!!

12 June 07 - Eric Knapp (Wisconsin, USA), to
      This is a very friendly forum and you don't ever have to worry about asking too many questions or if they are too basic. We seem to like talking about anything Stick related from beginning to advanced. So, ask away, we love helping new people. In fact, I am one of the new people and I have been helped immensely by the friendly folks here.

01 February 07 - DJohnson, to Stickwire:
      Just wanted to echo Sean's WELCOME! This is one of only two lists I'm on that relate to music. This community is honest, insightful, & kinda like a big family when it comes right down to it. Another thing I enjoy about STiCKWiRE is the wealth of knowledge we share. I wouldn't want it any other way. Enjoy!

04 January 07 - arsacane, to
New year resolutions. Help Manny with the site.

       First of all, THANKS Manny for your dedication and work to keep up this community alive! I believe that all of us find this site a valuable resource as Stick players. I know that it takes time, effort and money to keep this up and running. As a regular user of the site I've decided to do a small donation to the site (and plan to do it twice a year) to help. I encourage the other members to do the same if they can. We can then cover the costs of keeping this site up and running, and maybe if there is a little spare, pay Manny and his lady a nice dinner.

27 June 06 - mrmike (TN), to Stickwire:
       You know, I eagerly check my email looking for Stickwire messages and every day it's the same old crap: informative posts, open-minded people respectfully disagreeing (or agreeing) with each other, tips on great bands and recordings I've never heard of, inspirational posts on creativity or live performance experiences, people helping others...even the patriarch of the Stick pops in to help. It's ridiculous. This is the Internet, people. Where's the flamage? The sensless and offensive? The misdirected personal abuse? All I can tell you is...Thanks.

05 May 06 - Bob Schrum (MI), to Stickwire:
       The Stickwire discussion list is the only one that I can confidently read in the presence of my daughter. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't mind if she ever wanted to read it. Every other forum I frequent, I never know what I'm going to run into. To be fair, there are great people on those boards, but a revelation came last weekend while browsing a recording technology forum. Nadia snuck behnd me in the studio, looked at the screen and asked, "What does _____ __ ______ ________ mean?" I was like, "ahem... Ummm... Well... It's kind of subject)", "Hey! Have you fed your rabbit yet today?" :\

18 September 05 - Yoder Michael (TX), to Stick Enterprises:
       I'm impressed by how big the Website is and by the obvious growth of the Stick-playing world! It's obvious the business has gotten quite big now, so I didn't realize that by sending a message to get further information, it would end up going to you! Needless to say, I'm glad you responded. I'm absolutely delighted that Stick playing has really taken off and become a serious global phenomenon. I knew it would back when I ordered my first Stick some 20 years ago. It's so cool to read on the Internet about Stick communities in such diverse places as Italy and Argentina.