Linear Inlays

14 October 09 Dave Casey (FL), to Stick Enterprises:
I'm enjoying my glow linear inlays a great deal, this stuff is amazing! Even during the day, I can see it glow when the shadow of my hand passes over it. Sometimes, I get up at 3am, and see that it is still glowing away. Very cool stuff.

19 November 04 Jeff Luebke (MI), to Stickwire:
I really think it looks even better than I expected. I was kind of worried that in normal light the glow markers would look "dirty yellow" or something, but I think they look great, just a soft off-white. And, yes, the first day I brought it home I had to turn off all the lights and "ooooh" at the glowing green markers. Some serious coolness there. . . .

24 December 03 Greg Howard (VA), to Stickwire:
The whole point of my idea behind the linear inlays was to have a more comprehensive reference point for your fingers. If you can't see it when you need to see it, there's not much point:) So I think the best bet is the off-white, glow-in-the dark. The other colors would work better with maple or tarara, and perhaps shedua, but I think for darker woods, they will be too dark. All that said, I really love the linear inlays, and I wish I could retrofit my 12-string with them.