Bamboo Sticks

13 February 14 - Graham Wyatt (UK), to Stick Enterprises
      I'd just like to thank you all for the excellent service you provided from the initial enquiry, right through to the instrument leaving your premises. And WHAT and instrument - it's BEAUTIFUL. Flawless workmanship, and the clean look of light bamboo, black hardware and inlays is everything I hoped for. I've put in some real effort into playing, and I hope I'll be able to do the instrument justice.

21 December 09 - Dave Brosky (Pennsylvania), to Stick Enterprises
      Words cannot express the absolute joy of my new bamboo Grand Stick. It has been 20 years (1989) since I first ordered my white polycarb 10-string. The incredible innovations (fret "Rails", advanced bridge, the "X-fret", 4-way divided truss rods, wider string spacing) and the playability is incredible. It was like swinging a golf club with weights and then taking the weights off! Since Greg long ago rightfully convinced me to have my 10-string converted to Baritone Melody, it was an easy transition to Classic 6+6. I can now harmonically reach chords and perform open voicings with ease. Aesthetically, it is gorgeous with the light bamboo and the "jade" linear inlays (which really do help show where you are). Every time I pick up my Sticks, I honor your innovation and vision.

06 December 08 - Lee Jones (Colorado), to
      I've had my light bamboo Alto Stick for a few months now, and am really in love with the instrument, and the material. I have not had to touch the truss rod, even since winter has arrived. A really nice looking, sustainable, and durable material.

06 December 08 - Lee Jones (Colorado), to
      I've had my light bamboo Alto Stick for a few months now, and am really in love with the instrument, and the material. I have not had to touch the truss rod, even since winter has arrived. A really nice looking, sustainable, and durable material.

29 July 08 - Jeff Norem (USA), to Stick Enterprises
      I wanted to let know that I received my bamboo 10 string and am blown away, as usual, at how beautiful and perfect that thing is. I wanted to have a standard scale stick at my disposal, and this stick is the nicest one I've ever seen. Every time I get a new Stick, I'm really amazed at the subtle improvements that have been made to an instrument that I already considered to be perfect. The action, feel and intonation of this new stick is flawless from nut to bridge - man you guys are incredible! I absolutely love the feel and rigidity of the bamboo and and I am stunned at the crisp clarity of the active pickup.

09 March 08 - Martin Pirint (New Jersey), to
       Since Feb 21st, the only side of the Stick I've seen is the fretboard. But I was reflecting on thr beauty of my new Stick last night, and I was studying the georgeous laminations on the back-truly a work of art and craftsmanship. This "wood" is treated with respect and care in its layering and execution. I really want to get some photos of this sucker up for you guys-the BACK included!

12 February 08 - Arthur Durkee (WI), to Stickwire:
     I am used to playing one of the older graphite Sticks, which I've had for years. In terms of solidity, weight, and firmness of materials, the laminated bamboo is closer to that solidity than most hardwoods. It just feels indestructible to me.
      Having had the chance to try out a bamboo Stick last time I visited SE, and liking the feel of it, and then also being shown the laminated bamboo stocks down in the shop, before they're shaped, I was sold on the sheer aesthetic beauty of the material. It's just glorious.
      Bamboo, being a fast-growing and prolific grass, is a "green" material, a completely renewable resource. As such, I feel it's one more way to lower my personal impact on the planet's resources.

3 October 07 - Jim Storm (Illinois), to
      Finally got to plug it in. Here are my thoughts. HOLY CRAP. First of all, the Stick is very light. A 12-string bamboo seems to weigh no more than a 10-string paduak. It has a Stickup and I cannot convey how much better it sounds to my ears. My girlfriend agreed with this. The bass side is very rich, very full, and very "Stick".
       The instrument itself is beautiful. The dark bamboo has a golden "honey" color to it, and the feel is very smooth, much smoother than my Padauk. The indigo inlays contrast very nicely with the color of the wood and are much easier to see than the dots on my previous Sticks. Pictures will be forthcoming.
       Once again, I am very grateful for Emmett's vision, and an again amazed at the quality and workmanship that goes into his instruments.

24 December 06 - Steve Richardson (UK), to Stick Enterprises:
       Got 5392 a few days back.
       Its better than any I've had before.
       The bamboo is really beautiful.
       The fret Rails really make it easier to play.
       The long scale opens up the lower range.
       Guess you could say I'm happy.

22 December 06 - Jim Streeter (NJ), to Stickwire:
       I recently took delivery of a brand new dark bamboo 10-string with the acrylic plastic dots that Emmett recommended. I had been playing a circa 1976 Ironwood 10-string so this was a big change for me. As far as craftsmanship and playability goes, this is absolutely top notch. Most importantly, my nightly practice time has increased. With my old Ironwood it was rare that I would go for more than an hour. Now I am plugging in and playing 90 minutes to two hours without even realizing it almost every day. Last night I played for at least an hour and found myself going back to it later in the evening for another 1/2 to 3/4 of an hour. Do I have to say anymore? Thanks to Emmett, Yuta, and everyone at SE.

07 November 06 - Rich Snyder (MD), to
       The seminar was great for me. I was able to play several different instruments and found that I really like the bamboo Stick. I think they should market it as the "ChopStick". Very light and rigid, but still has an organic feel to it.

19 December 05 - Arthur Durkee (WI), to Stickwire:
       I love (the bamboo Stick). It has a terrific feel and heft, and weighs between the old polycarbs and the wood Sticks, so it FEELS solid to me, who lives in polycarb land. Plus, bamboo is a renewable resource, and one of my favorite materials. I have dozens of flutes and a few other instruments made from the stuff.

19 February 05 - Arthur Durkee (MN), to Stickwire:
       The weight differences are basically negligible. The bamboo feels halfway between, say, an ironwood, and a graphite, in weight. One thing I like very much about the bamboo is it feels very sturdy, very solid. It just has HEFT and presence, if that makes any sense.