Video and DVD

6 February 08 - v015eyjd (NY), to
    I just got my copy of Steve Adelson's new DVD, "Concert On The Chapman Stick". I've watched it twice now I think I was more blown away the second time I watched it than the first. I wouldn't have thought that was possible because I had to pick my jaw up off the floor the first run through.
    In all seriousness, if you are a Stick player and you want to see tricks and techniques (as well as fabulous "regular" playing) that you will never see anywhere else, this DVD is a must have. The video quality is top notch and the camera is on Steve's hands most of the time. That's ideal for anyone who's really interested in the Stick and wants to know, "How'd he do that?". And you WILL be asking yourself that question, I promise you! The selection of tunes shows off Steve's ability to play many different styles of music with ease. I really think this DVD shows Steve at his absolute best.
    I highly recommend purchasing a copy. There is absolutely no way you could be a Stick player and not be inspired after watching this DVD. Oh, and hat tip to David Langlois for some killer washboard.

6 June 07 - 88persuader (NH), to
Stick Night '99 video
I just watched Stick Night 99 for the 1st time and have to say it was VERY inspiring and entertaining. I HIGHLY recommend buying this video to everyone who's excited about making music on the Stick! I love all the performances but Larry Tuttle's really charged me up. He totally surprised me as a solo artist. Greg, Steve - all the performers were world class.

12 January 06 - Michael Baran (OH), to Stickwire:
I just watched the "Cabezas de Cera" DVD last night. In production and sound, it's one of the best Stick based DVDs I have seen and heard in a long time. Unlike a lot of bands, the members are equal in musical ability and prowess. The drummer is outstanding with shades of Bruford and an exceptional understanding of "the groove". The vox/reed/woodwinds/synth player is the tonal glue that holds this band tight and right. Now to my favorite part of the DVD - the Stickist/guitarist has his hands full and does a great job. At the end, the band takes a bow together with the sound engineer - enough said about the sound quality of this DVD.

24 December 06 - Japhlet Bire Attias (MN), to Stickwire:
I just received my Greg Howard CDs and was nicely surprised. The DVD on Ether Ore, even though short, was breathtaking! I need to see more of that. On Sol, Grillo was also a great surprise, simple and classic. Both CD's are consistently great in quality, sound and musically.

19 March 05 - Clint Allen (KY), to Stickwire:
I picked up a copy of Greg's new CD "Ether Ore" and I've been listening to it for a while now as I update my travel journal. What an inspirational CD! For me at least, it continues on and well above my old favorite "Water on the Moon". I continue to be astounded by Greg's work and it certainly gives me something to think about as I apprehensively now pick up my own Stick and contemplate making a sound or two.

15 September 04 - Tom Griesgraber (CA), to Stickwire:
I recently got the new Crimson DVD; Neil and Jack and Me. It's a compilation DVD of the old "yellow and blue" VHS tapes, two live shows from two different (Discipline) tours in the '80s. I was totally blown away with how much two part playing Tony was doing on the earlier tour. Almost every song he plays Stick on (and that's most of them!), he's doing melody parts - oftentimes these amazingly cool interwoven lines with Robert and Adrian. While it wasn't like I ever had anything but awe for his musicianship, this was just a whole side of it I hadn't seen before! Amazing.

6 June 03 - Paul Frields (VA), re. Bob Culbertson's "AcouStick Dawn" CD and "Un Via Clasico" DVD, to Stickwire
I've now seen the new DVD and it is quite remarkable -- truly a landmark for The Chapman Stick! The best thing about it is that it's not an instructional video at all, but purely a solo performance video, to be enjoyed by everyone from age 2 to 102.

21 May 03 - Jeff Pearce (IN), re. Emmett Chapman's "Hands Across the Board" video, to Emmett:
    It was a very unexpected and pleasant surprise that the copy of "Hands Across The Board" that I ordered last week arrived so quickly - but there it was in the P.O. box yesterday.
    And I needed to get my bearings, because "Back Yard" is an explosive piece of music! I'm sure that you hear this all the time, but I cannot believe that you created all that music with two hands and one musical instrument! Throughout the tape, the fading in and out of effects/distortion was masterful. And your arrangements of "Somewhere" and "All the Things You Are" we very original and "interesting" - as opposed to the usual route that is taken when folks arrange a standard. And "Parallel galaxy" is too good for words, in my opinion; that song is like taking a tour?     So again, congratulations on your art - both in the music you create, and the instrument you created to bring the music to life!

5 May 02 - Jeff Pearce (IN), re. "Stick Night '99" video, to Emmett:
    I am writing to you because yesterday in the mail, I received a copy of "Stick Night '99" that I ordered from SE last week. There are a lot of impressive players on that video, but none more impressive, in my opinion, than yourself. I was simply amazed that you flowed so effortlessly with your melodies - from clean to distorted to clean with heavenly effects! It made me wonder if you were using a Lexicon PCM-81, since I use a very similar sound on my guitar music. So, having heard what art you can create on The Stick, I feel compelled to write you and say, "Thank you." It's clear from the video that you would never have to make another Stick again and spend all your time playing and recording music and you would do incredibly well with it. I can only imagine how much of your personal time is taken up by making Sticks, and then creating new features and options for them. Because of your dedication to these Stick instruments, people like me can purchase (and hopefully one day play very well!) a first class instrument.

5 May 02 - Bob Walker (NH), re. "Stick Night '99" video, to Yuta:
    I received the "Stick Night '99" video yesterday. Yow! What tremendous players! I was particularly impressed by Larry Tuttle, Steve Adelson, and Jim Lampi. These guys are monsters - I hope more people get to hear them. It must give Emmett and you an enormous rush and a sense of great pride to hear these musicians who have become so incredibly technically adept at the instrument. Look what you've created?(grin). It's almost a societal lynchpin - it brings people together in musical fellowship. Perhaps a future concert could be called "The Fellowship of The Stick."
    I have to say that I liken Emmett to a modern-day Les Paul (whom I had the honor of meeting several years ago) - he's a musician/inventor who has come up with something totally unique, that gives musicians a fantastic means of expressiveness. It's meaningful to us and improves our lives. What else can I say? Thanks Emmett!!!
    I'm probably gonna burn this tape up from playing it so many times (grin). I'm also going to start looking on the Website at the CDs that are available. I hope Mssrs Adelson and Lampi also have CDs out (or in the works). I'm definitely going to pick up Mr. Tuttle's CD, even if it's just for that one song "Boomerang," which he performed on the video. What a great tune!

1 May 01 - Pete Gonzales (AZ), to Stickwire:
Personally I believe that the Stick Night '99 video should be a required purchase for all new Stick owners and those potential Stick owners! That video sparked my interests to new heights! I probably watch it or at least part of it once a week, no fooling! Just make sure to start the tape in the middle once in a while or you might not give Greg, Emmett and Jim Lampi enough stage time!

8 February 01 - David Wozmak (NH), to Stickwire:
Abrupt fade-to-black, dolly back on Steve Adelson's 2nd tune, Stick Night '99 video?. I'm home from work, sulking with the flu. Put in Stick Night '99 after the kids utterly tapped out on "Winnie the Pooh" and "Bear in the Big Blue House". Am continually challenged, fortified, and amazed by the craft and musicianship of our little community. That tape is THE seminal study for "How to Recover from a Clam" :-) Thanks to all of you, every one. You make my life a better place.

14 December 00 - Glenn Poorman (MI), to Stickwire:
My copy of "Lift" (Greg Howard's newest) arrived yesterday. One thing I've liked about Greg's CDs is that every release seems to be completely different from the last. This one is no exception. Another thing I've enjoyed about Greg's body of work is that it seems like, with each release, the recordings become less and less about Greg the Stick player and more about the music itself. This release is no exception and continues farther in that direction. In addition to the usual great Stick playing, the saxophone and basses take on equally important and impressive roles on the new record. I've spun this one from front to back twice now and I really, really like it. There's not a single track that I want to fast forward through.

9 October 00 - Steve Morgan (SD), to Stick Enterprises:
I've watched the Stick Night '99 video about 50 times now and I'm still not sick of it. It must feel great to have so many outstanding musicians playing your instruments. Most of those guys could probably get endorsements from many other companies, but they chose yours instead. I'll be at the NAMM show this winter; I was wondering if you had a Stick Night planned that I could get a ticket for.

27 May 99 - Don Schiff (CA), to Stickwire:
I recently got my copy of Parallel Galaxy. It is absolutely FANTASTIC, The "Sgt. Pepper" of Stick recordings. Emmett's playing has the little voice in the back of my head saying "hey, how'd he do that, must be one of the inventor's tricks we don't know about." Stunning Stick playing. Oh sure it's not enough that he invents the instrument but is truly an "Artist" on the instrument and in composition. The album was recorded in 1985 I believe yet I speak of it as if it were just recorded. It is beyond a standard recording we should all have, it is something I will continue to strive for in my playing and artistry as well. To be able to define a picture of one's soul in music. Emmett's style is LARGE, you can pick out an "Emmett sound, arrangement or lick" out of any line up.

24 July 97 - Chris Puglisi (Australia), to Stick Enterprises:
Your (Emmett's) video (Hands Across the Board) is both entertaining and educational. It is very inspiring to hear your music, which is unlike any other I have heard. As you say, new music is born from the new instrument and approach and I found yours quite beautiful and eye opening.