StepABout™ Stick Preamp and Routing Pedal
from BassLab and Richter Electronic Engineering. A Greg Howard concept.

26 July 08 - Japhlet Bire Attias (MN), to
In my latest recordings, I have been very happy with my personal control over my individual volumes and tones. Just a hair more or less of any band, and things start happening. Its great!

26 July 08 - Andy Salvanos (Australia), to
     I used my StepABout at a "big venue" gig without an amp on Thursday. Instead of my usual 2-channel DI setup, I just set my own EQ and levels and ran both sides out (via reverb unit) in mono to one flat EQ channel. The soundgirl liked it and I loved being able to control my own balance.

10 July 08 - Japhlet Bire Attias (MN), to
The preamps sound fantastic. I wasn't sure what I wanted more, pre or post routing eq, but am glad that it is pre. I took it to the studio with me yesterday, and liked the eq even more. Just a tiny turn of a knob, and things immediately start to change. And at no extreme is it unplayable.

07 July 08 - Steve Hendrix (USA), to
     Hey now! I arrived home from work today to find a little brown box on my doorstep..(drumroll) the StepAbout has arrived.
     Quite frankly I am speechless. I played for about an hour or so upon arriving home. The setup is this:
     StepAbout Channels 1 and 2-->DCM 1000 two Channel power amp-->Carvin BR410 Cab. I plan on giving a more thorough review after a few weeks, but first impressions are simply off the charts.
     Forget for a second about the routing capability, this unit is *silent* at any volume level and setting. I am accustomed to some fairly nice equipment, but I have never seen anythinig like this. Period.
     The tonal shaping capabilities cannot be charted. Any setting seemed to sound great and usable. If I were actually speechless ;) which I am not; and only had one word to use it would be Organic.

01 July 08 - Andy Salvanos (Australia), to
     I've had my StepABout for a couple of weeks now, and in terms of EQ/tone shaping it's extremely versatile. What's really impressive is the range of usable sounds you can get from it. You can even crank the treble knobs and still sound good.
     The sound of the preamps without any EQ engaged is also worth mentioning; it's superb without being "clinical". I hesitate to say it sounds like a good valve amp, but it certainly has a character often associated with tubes.