Customer Service

29 January 19 - Robert Neville (BC & AZ), to Stick Enterprises:
I want to say that was a pleasure to meet you all last week and to thank Emmett, in particular, for his generosity of time and expertise. You are such friendly, welcoming people! My sticks are much easier to play and I feel somehow encouraged in my efforts to learn by the knowledge that the Stick springs from such warmth and intelligence combined.

22 March 18 - Scott Ernest (CO), to Emmett:
I just want to say that Cambria is awesome. She's always professional and friendly and it's great to deal with her. As a business owner I know how hard it is to find good people to not only do the job, but also care about the customers and Cambria excels at both.

29 August 17 - Douglas Bath (HI), to Grace: at Stick Enterprises:
Just to let you know that I'm really happy with the Railboard! There is a still a little surprise about the Heavy Metal nature of the beast when I put it on or take it off, but when playing it that all disappears and I can focus on great feel and great sound! The tuning is going to take some time to get used to, but all said, I couldn't be happier! Thank you for treating me so well and helping me continue on the path.

4 August 15 - Marco DeAngelis (Rome), to Emmett at Stick Enterprises:
Hi Emmett, first of all I want to thank you for the time you spent in giving me all the info and help I was looking for. It's not easy to find a person who lead a high end music instruments factory answering to a customer in a so friendly and exhaustive way. Now I really have all the information that will allow me to make the right choice for my STICK 2.

3 June 14 - Rob Howiler (South Carolina), to Stick Enterprises
Hi, I called yesterday about a broken belt hook. Looking back on that conversation I didn't realize what a huge thing it was that it was packed and ready to go out in the mail within an hour. My Stick is around 15 years old I am guessing. It's LONG since out of warranty, but you sent me a new belt hook for free. You are a company that stands behind its work. Even after 15 years. I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how appreciative I am. Everyone was polite and extremely helpful. Thank you very, very much.

13 February 14 - Graham Wyatt (UK), to Stick Enterprises
      I'd just like to thank you all for the excellent service you provided from the initial enquiry, right through to the instrument leaving your premises. And WHAT and instrument - it's BEAUTIFUL. Flawless workmanship, and the clean look of light bamboo, black hardware and inlays is everything I hoped for. I've put in some real effort into playing, and I hope I'll be able to do the instrument justice.

31 January 14 - Jem Godfrey, (UK) to Stick Enterprises
    Hi Cambria, wow! Just wanted to say that the Railboard arrived safe and sound and, dear Lord, it is THE MOST beautiful instrument I've ever owed. Emmett's setup is incredible, the action is millimeter perfect, especially considering my outlandish tuning requirements!! It plays like a dream as you would expect - so smooth and fluid AND it looks otherworldly to boot. It is, without doubt, the most beautiful musical instrument I've ever owned. Every single person who's been to the studio since last week has seen it and said "Whoa! What is THAT?!".
    Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to Emmett and everyone at Stick Enterprises for conceiving and delivering such a fabulous instrument, and thank you too for being so chilled and utterly helpful throughout. If only every company were as much of a pleasure to dealwith as you guys are.

10 July 10 - Jeff Edmunds, (Pennsylvania), to Stick Enterprises
       Let me reiterate how impressed I am with the Stick, with Emmett's tenacity as an innovator, and with Stick Enterprises as a business. When I told a guitarist friend that I had approached SE about buying back my used Stick, he was incredulous that an instrument company would buy back an older instrument at a competitive price. I explained that SE was not just any company.
      Thanks again for your many kindnesses. As the governor of your state once said "I'll be back." Save a Stick for me.
       Best wishes, Jeff

21 December 09 - David Tipton, (Colorado), to Stick Enterprises
       Last week I received my new Bamboo Grand Stick #5827. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with this instrument and the service from Stick Enterprises. Just in time for the holidays too!
      This new instrument has many new features from my older Stick: Extended Scale, Fret Rails, Flaps, Linear Inlays, etc... The dark bamboo and turquoise inlays are just gorgeous, and the instrument plays, sounds, and feels great! I'm feeling quite inspired while playing it, new fragments of tunes are appearing daily!
      Besides making a high quality instrument, I've always been impressed with the service from Stick Enterprises. It's a comfort to know you stand behind and take pride in the instruments you make and sell. Once (years ago) my belt hook broke, I called and had a replacement in no time at all. When I call, I always feel like I'm being treated like a valued customer, an experience which is sadly becoming too rare these days. Keep up the good work, and know that it is appreciated.

14 August 09 - José Porrúa, (North Carolina), to Stick Enterprises
       Today I received my Stick (#5739) and I just wanted to say "Thank you!" to everyone at Stick Enterprises. Thanks for working so hard on this instrument. It is beautiful and really exceeded my expectations. The wood, pickups, tuners, frets, rails... everything is impeccable.
       The whole buying process was awesome. Yuta's and Cambria's help and support throughout the process was incredible. They had a lot of patience answering my questions and providing me with all the details I needed regarding the instrument and accessories.
       Now it's time to start learning, practicing and playing music. I can't describe how happy I am about this new experience. Thank you Emmett and thank you Yuta.

28 November 08 - Matt Rogers, (Texas), to
      From my early days bugging Yuta with endless questions to my last instrument order, it is my absolute honor to do business with people of their caliber. They are not just there to sell you an instrument, they want to help you realize your true artistic potential. Doesn't get any better than that.

28 November 08 - Scott Clayton, (San Francisco), to
      As my inaugural telephone call to S.E. was answered by none other than the one and only Yuta Chapman, I was struck by what a wonderful human being she is. My experience as a customer was unparalleled and I was particularly impressed by Yuta's professionalism and personable manner. She was extremely informative, patient, humble and with a keen sense of humor to boot. When I had a question outside the scope of her own knowledge, she was forthright in deferring to a member of their crew who would know. I liken it to talking with a good neighbor and the pleasure was all mine.
      A few days later, after my initial order had arrived immediately and well packaged, I talked to a man named Ben at S.E. for e-mail confirmation and to place another order. Needless to say, he was awesome to deal with as well. Like Yuta, Ben never rushed me and always had solutions and suggestions for every question that I threw at him as well as plenty of online resource referrals.
      Whatever is goin' on in the extended Chapman company and household, it is obviously very special and unique in an understanding and very loving manner...and it is my privilege to hold and make noise on a tangible piece of innovative technological art that contains the vibe of bright universal light. These people are open conduits to the "other side" and they won't be on this planet forever so support them and enjoy their gifts to our world, please.

   EMMETT's (BSharp) response on
          Yuta doesn't typically react to such praise, but I don't mind
  responding. Many thanks to Kulooti for lavish (and truthful)
  compliments on Yuta's customer service, also to Matt and the others
  on this thread.
          Over 33 years Yuta has disseminated more tons of publicity,
  correspondence, email, and informational materials to promote The
  Stick and Free Hands technique than anyone in the world, myself
  included. She is largely responsible for the success and longevity of
  our business.
          And yes, day by day on the telephone she is respectful, moderate,
  practical, diplomatic, but always puts the person first with a
  friendly and personal touch. I've relied on her all these years to
  put forth a positive image and to inspire confidence and goodwill.

16 October 08 - Katie Hill (OR), to Stickwire:
      I know when I first experienced The Stick I spoke with Emmett at the end of the weekend. It was like I had known him for years. I have spoken with him a few times since then and his lovely wife Yuta and both are very special people in this world.

07 June 08 - Joaquin Garcia, (Spain), to Stick Enterprises:
      Hi Emmett
      Thanks a lot for the fast answer. This is what I call good service. I try to do the same with my customers in my bass shop, so thanks again.

04 November 05 - Juan R. Leon (FL), to Stick Enterprises:
      Thanx for all your help. You guys are the best!

22 February 05 - Steve Van Buren (MA), to Stick Enterprises:
       Emmett, I am pleased to report that the work you did on #5028 was fantastic! The fret ends are super flush and smooth. Other nice touches included: a fret redress that rounded the Rails somewhere between Rails and Rods (really made the action much lower and smoother!), also a new bass string saddle, and either a new truss rod or at least a new truss rod nut.
       I really appreciate the customer support you have shown me toward this instrument, and I hope to purchase more Sticks in the future, in particular, a pressed bamboo Grand Stick. You are truely an inspiration.

15 October 04 - Mike Baran (OH), to Stickwire:
       I would like to thank Stick Enterprises for their commitment to produce a superior instrument that stands the test of time. I remember all the newbie questions that I would call SE with, only to get answers that were to the point and not like you were a bother to them, even though they have heard the same questions time and time again. My hat is off to Yuta who fields 99% of the calls and is allways polite and cordial no matter what my concerns were - Emmett you are a lucky man! My rosewood 10 string that I have owned for numerous years is as like the day I recieved it and the slight modifications I have made is a testament to the quality SE produces. The Chapman Stick is unlike any other instrument and will inspire yourself to new beginnings.

2 August 04 - Rod Smith (NJ), to Stickwire:
       This is a great example of why I truly appreciate this forum and this company. Where else can someone express a concern about a product and have the inventor and manufacturer offer, in public, to take care of it? It's obvious, Emmett, that even though you sell your creations, you never really let go of them. Thanks for all you, Yuta, and the team at SE do.

29 May 04 - Jeb McIntyre (MI), to Stick Enterprises:
       I greatly admire the way you do business, and the way in which you support the Stick community. In my opinion you folks are a model for American business. Moreover, the quality of the products you produce have been exemplary in my experience. You're one of the very few manufacturers I have ever heard of that actually encourages a community around their products. That business philosophy is as far ahead of its time as your instruments.

22 May 04 - Douglas Johnson (IL), to Stickwire:
       I can't keep quiet - I'm blown away by Emmett and Yuta's service, honesty, and the STiCK itself. I don't see how I could EVER part w/my STiCK. For me the STiCK is the only thing I can play w/my hands that comes close to my fav instrument, the human voice. Thx Emmett and Yuta!!!

20 May 04 - Chris Crain (IN), to Stickwire:
       I love Emmett and Yuta for being the kind of people they are and operating the kind of business they do. From what I know and from what I've read on this forum, they go out of their way to make their customers happy. When I purchased my first Stick, 20 years ago, it was shipped to me COD (a sign of trust). I'll always remember when I called to order strings, months later, Yuta seemed to remember who I was and when I received them. There was a Stick lapel pin included (a sign of friendliness). I'm sure many of you who bought a Rane preamp remember getting replacement cables - no charge. The SE reputation stood high on that one and all they asked was that we returned the original cable. And of course, SE is very supportive by providing links to musician's web-sites, performance info, sponsering seminars and clinics, and carrying our CDs and books. When you purchase an instrument from SE, you become in some way part of the "family".

12 January 04 - Tom Griesgraber (CA), to Stickwire:
       What goes on at Stick Enterprises I "think" is really more about assembly and setup. It's exacting and non-uniform work such as filing individual fret tops on every instrument to get the lowest action possible. Unfortunatley for them, it's not only time consuming stuff, but nobody does it better than Emmett. During some of my visits, it seems while Emmett may be working on his own projects, shop employees are regularly coming to him with a single instrument in hand, asking about pickup height or a wood irregularity that needs to be dealt with. Of course, I've also known Emmett to spend 2-3 hours on my instrument just as a "check up" and have seen him stay up till 2am filing frets because someone needed a Stick right away for an important show. Just thinkin out loud... but for myself I just always have to take the non-corporate character of SE in stride. Despite the "Inc." in the name the company is really more like an arts and crafts fair vendor. Yes they can be a little unusual to deal with in our overnight delivery world, but we're getting a product that is not only unique, but uniquely well done and for much less than it would likely be through corporate America.

11 November 03 - Greg Howard (VA), to Stickwire:
       I appreciate Emmett for not selling us out, and for his dedication to maintaining high quality standards so that those of us who are seriously interested in his method can have the best tools available for it. He's making them as fast as he can, and there's no one more qualified to do it, so we have the highest number of high-quality instruments we can get. Sounds like a good situation for us, the players. It's also good for me as a teacher. I really like to know that when I go to a seminar, I'll be able to set up all but damaged instruments for people, because of Emmett's consistent quality control.

1 October 03 - Paul Frields (VA), to StickWire:
       I would compare Emmett's constant solicitation of customer feedback, and his open approach to integrating our needs with his build process, with Red Hat. There are some people who develop an attitude about Red Hat's clear leadership in the open source and Linux fields, and their dedication thereto. But who else is doing that amount of concentrated work on advancing those fields, and consistently making it an open and participatory process, the same way that Emmett is advancing the development of the two-handed tapping method? The answer is "no one." There's only a few companies I endorse in my personal capacity: One is Red Hat, and another is Stick Enterprises. (The only other one is Line 6; even though they are not as "open" as the other two, their gear is just too damn great *not* to endorse.) Both Red Hat and S.E. are dedicated to reaching new zeniths in customer service, and for that I applaud them!

30 September 30 - Robert Schrum (MI), to Stick Enterprises:
       Thanks for doing that for me, Emmett, as well as the other custom work to accommodate my (Ten-String Grand) tuning. (I'm curious to see how you've settled on doing the equal-spacing between the string groups--splitting the bridge plate or new slide-block holes.) Your endless and open pursuit of quality and innovation is amazing. Thanks again for all you and Yuta do in providing such unusually excellent customer service for everyone. You make beginners and semi-pro weekend-stage-warriors feel as though we were a "Tony Levin!"

18 December 02 - Nick Beggs (UK), to Stick Enterprises:
       In the meantime, I would like to wish you all the very best for a Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Your continuing help and inspiration are not only rare to find in this world but are also a true blessing.

18 November 02 - Tommy Kochel (PA), to Stickwire:
       Once again, I am amazed at the level of service of Stick Enterprises. Not that I ever thought they were anything less than a great company, by any means. But the incredible level of commitment to me as a customer has been ringing loudly and clearly this year. I had been waiting for one of the new Rane SP-13 units several months ago when I saw another STICKWIRE-ist selling his barely used one. I made a deal with him to buy his. When I checked with SE to see if it was alright for me to back out on that order in order to get the used one, I found out that not only was it alright, but that SE took it upon themselves to have the unit sent to them in Woodland Hills first. They took over, sending it back to Rane for a retrofit. Then they sent it out to me including the manual and including one of their new stereo "zip" cables for optimal reduction of cross-talk. I thought I was impressed at that point. Though I'd yet to read an email response, today, I received a brand-spankin' new Rane adapter in the mail. I suppose they might have forgotten to include my bill, but I don't think that was the intent.

6 October 02 - Jon Rose (OR), to Stick Enterprises:
       I also would like to say "thank you" again for the stellar service and intimate communication back in '99, during the times before, during and after my instrument was being built. Very few companies rise to this level of excellence, and in my opinion I feel you should be commended for it! When Emmett took the time out of his busy schedule to telephone me and discuss an issue, I was absolutely blown away. Talk about attention to detail?

8 August 02 - Walter Scolese (Italy) to Stickwire:
       I agree... my first stick had some problems, and I ask many questions about them and about my stick: they (Yuta) gave me answers the day before Xmas!!! It is true that here, in Italy, not many companies give answers at all, but I am sure NONE of the others give answers the day before Xmas... I was impressed...

30 July 02 - Chris Merlo (NY), to Stickwire:
       Just wanted to take this opportunity to echo Kev's sentiment, and thank everyone at SE for the replacement cable. I happened to get the package when a few musician friends were around. The conversation basically went like this: "Wait, so you ordered an amp, and the amp company sent you a better patch cable for no cost?" "No, Stick Enterprises didn't make the amp, they just sell it. *They* sent me the replacement cable." "Wow, I've never heard of a company like that!" "You have now."

30 July 02 - Bob Schrum (MI), to Stickwire:
       I had a similar experience. My SB-8 was shipped out with a toolkit missing the .047 allen key for the PASV-4 pickup. Soon after my Stick arrived, I inquired SE about the missing key. One immediately arrived, evidently taken from a bench in the shop since it showed some use wear and based on my conversation with Tim at SE (the PASV-4 was really new then).
      I thought that was the end of it until some months later, a package arrived with a *brand new* .047 key! Since it's so tiny, it's good to know I now have a spare, although I still use original one on the theory that it might contain some karma from having possibly been used by the Master Builder.

30 July 02 - Kevin Muir (Canada) to Stickwire:
       Yesterday I got a thick package in the mail. I'll be damned if it wasn't a new cable for the SP-13 I purchased last winter. I knew about Emmett's concerns over the CBI cable that came with the unit, but to go ahead and send a better one out here to Canada - at SE's expense - a better replacement cable smacks of very good business practice. It's things like this that make me happy to come back to SE with my business. Truth be told, the SP-13 is such an improvement over my previous rig that I didn't notice a problem. But now my NS/Stick and rosewood Grand will apparently sound better than ever.

27 July 02 - Chris Merlo (NY), to Stick Enterprises:
       I can't thank you enough for the new patch cable for my SP-13. I happened to be around a bunch of friends when I got it, and they couldn't believe that any company would send out a free replacement part to make a product better. Thanks a million.

15 May 02 - Paul Frields (VA), to Stickwire:
       Emmett continues to push the envelope for refinement of the instrument -- cf. Rails and the new tripod nut pieces. Who knows, these pieces might indeed be licensed by SE one day for use in manufacturing by a larger company. Frankly, I think in 50 years, should that happen, we would look back on these salad days with nostalgia wishing for the personal nurture the Chapmans have given to our community, as opposed to telephone help desks. ("For setup instructions, press 1. For returns, press 2....")

14 April 02 - Manny Tau (CA), to Tapboard:
       With an appointment, I was able to go over to Stick Enterprises and meet with Yuta and Emmett Chapman. Really nice, warm people. Picked up my Stick, with Emmett double-checking the setup on his bench and going over the components and their adjustments with me (he's got Patents on some of his custom gear); awesome quality control!

9 April 02 - Paul Frields (VA), to Stickwire:
       Emmett, who took time out of his busy schedule to drop me a couple notes answering some questions, and making some intriguing suggestions as well regarding Stick tuning. I've been out of the fold for some time, and yet I feel like I've sort of "come home" again. I am always amazed and gratified by the very personal and familial touch which he and Yuta give to our community of players. You don't really get that in most of the rest of the musical world, and life being as short as it is, never pass up an opportunity to appreciate kindness.

14 March 02 - Paul Frields (VA), to Stickwire:
       They are indeed wonderful people. I e-mailed SE around Monday with a question about a specific Stick history and Yuta got back to me on Wednesday. I haven't bought anything from them really recently, but in the past I've bought CD's, strings, Greg's book, and all of Bob's videos from them. They are simply the salt of the earth IMHO.

24 October 01 - Chris Astier (NM), to Stick Enterprises:
       In closing, I want to thank all of you at Stick Enterprises, Inc. The kindness over the phone, in e-mails, and inherent in the instrument itself overwhelms me. I would be happy with my Stick even if your customer service stank, but you folks really are kind and professional. It really is the little things that make the difference. From asking Yuta her opinion on the choice of inlay, to the free CD that was wrapped up with my "baby", to the extension strap that was also sent (nice to see I didn't have to pay more to wear the instrument comfortably) you folks really do show your caring and kindness.

16 October 01 - Chris Astier (NM), to Stickwire:
       Earlier this week, Yuta said my Stick would ship Monday, and be to me by Friday. Sadly they had to ship it on Tuesday. But Yuta told me since she promised a Friday arrival she would ship it at higher priority. Needless to say, the integrity of the people at Stick Enterprises shone through. It arrived today and I now can call myself a Stickista proper! Thanks for a touch that seems lacking in business. I feel I should specially thank Yuta for that kindness.

7 October 01 - Kevin Keith (CA), to Stickwire:
       I chose to be a Stick player and still play Stick because:

  1. I find the look of The Stick to be much more unique and dynamic than that of other products.
  2. Playability of the instrument is superior and the sound is HUGE!
  3. Emmett provides excellent support for his instruments (and has for years) plus a continuous flow of product upgrades (tailpieces, pickups, materials, woods, etc.) This is his life's work and he's passionate about it and really good at it.
  4. There is a good worldwide "Stick Network" consisting of players, seminars, books, tapes, CD's plus a strong web presence.
       It was after the purchase of my Stick that I developed a friendship and business relationship with Emmett which I consider a bonus, but the reality is I would never have bought a Stick in the first place had it not been the best tapping instrument in the world. I know it's the best because I have played all of the others. Needless to say I am "pro Stick" but I am also a specialist in electric and electronic instruments and entertainment technology, so I look at everything I can, be it audio, video or musical instruments. For me, however, The Stick will remain my instrument of choice and passion.

29 September 01 - Qua Veda (OR), to Sticknews:
       Today I just received my Rane SP 13 from Stick Enterprises, which I'm really excited to hook up. Perhaps others have had this experience, but I love receiving things I order from Stick Enterprises, regardless of the value of the item. They are always so nice to deal with and even the packing is obviously done with loving care. I'll keep my eye out for Glenn's experiences and tips with his SP 13.

13 June 01 - Ian Perge (KY), to Stickwire:
       I'd like to thank Yuta and all at Stick Enterprises for a wonderful purchase recently. I found that they had one of the last remaining copies of Sean Malone's "Cortlandt" in stock, placed my order midday Friday, and had the CD in hand on Monday afternoon!!! I've never had such prompt and helpful service by anyone in my life, and I just wanted to publicly say thank you to all at S.E. It confirmed everything I had read about the company, and allayed any fears I had about ordering sight unseen.

20 March 01 - Bill Kitley (MI), to Stick Enterprises:
       I have been meaning to write to you regarding the recent Stick purchase I made from Stick Enterprises. I bought a used black oak 10 string (#718). I have had it about a month now and I absolutely love it. I have played bass for many years as well as some fingerstyle guitar and The Stick is satisfying my love for both and much, much more. I also want to thank Yuta and Tim for the excellent phone service that I received on several phone calls. I had many questions and I really appreciated the patience, kindness and informative answers that I received.

14 February 01 - Peter Kienle (IN), to Stickwire:
       I received my 10 string back today from Stick Enterprises. It was retrofitted with a new pickup, dampers and a GK-2A (MIDI pickup). It feels like new and I am very happy with it. After only having to wait for a little over a week, I heard from S.E. They promised and delivered.

4 December 00 - Tom Cram (UT), to Stickwire:
       After receiving The Stick I discovered it had a cracked saddle and was missing the Allen wrenches. I called up Stick Enterprises and placed an order for the above parts. When I asked how much it was going to cost, I was told "no charge". I informed the S.E. guy that I had gotten The Stick used off Ebay and not directly from S.E. He replied "no problem, still free." I'm obviously very impressed by the customer service at S.E.

1 December 00 - Christopher Lavender (FL), to Stickwire:
       I also gotta say that this time as with every time I've dealt with Yuta or Emmett, it has been an excellent experience. It really makes a difference to me when the owners of a company put out the effort to listen to what you need, give very constructive advice, and really make an effort to get to know their customers. There is not a single aspect regarding my purchase of this instrument that I have been dissatisfied with.

10 November 00 - Pete Gonzales (AZ), to Stick Enterprises:
       Just wanted to say thanks again for the incredible service that you've been providing me with! The quick and thoughtful response to my request for the neck strap extension and the support and inspiration from the "Freehands" method book shows me that Stick Enterprises is really doing all they can to support and promote it's customers and enthusiasts. I was even more taken by the fact that in this day and age someone provides anything "free"!

22 October 00 - Christoph Marquardt (Germany), to Stickwire:
       Yawp! I finally got it. Four days ago. I went for a used (but hardly played) one - 10 strings, mahogany, The Block, #1625, deep baritone tuning, heavy gauge strings on both sides. Thanks so much Yuta for the excellent support. You made sure that I had it just in the right time at the right place. Can't tell you how happy I am. Love it! Great instrument.

9 September 00 - Barry Chabala (NJ), to Stick Enterprises:
       I received the NS/Stick nut unit today. Thanks so much for your quick response. I really appreciate it. My old unit will be in the mail Monday. Thanks again for providing such innovative instruments and providing unparalleled service to back them up.

15 August 00 - Kristianna Tallin (CT), to
       Thanks for the tip! I asked several Stick players on the Stickwire mailing list, and most suggested either the Matched Reciprocal or the crafty tuning, and Emmett recommended the Matched Reciprocal tuning, saying it's ideal for beginning players. As far as I've gathered, this tuning's easier as the hands remain closer together. Emmett's a really nice guy, and his wife Yuta has been a great help in picking out my Stick - mine's a purpleheart Stick. If you've dealt with Stick Enterprises you really know what fantastic customer service is!

17 June 00 - Brian Baggett, (TX), to Sticknews:
       My wife Angela and I had the privilege of visiting Stick Enterprises and meeting Emmett and Yuta last Wednesday. They welcomed us into their home/workplace like honored long lost friends. I even had a chance to try a 10-string equipped with The Block and Fret Rails (Emmett's personal instrument, I believe). Yuta gave us a great restaurant recommendation for lunch - Milano's -check it out!

25 March 00 - Dave Dixon (VA), to Stickwire:
       BUT, if you're finding yourself taken aback by the sheer number of choices out there, I can't reccomend Stick Enterprises enough. They will talk with you on what you want, how you want it, etc, and the only things you need to decide are model, wood, and pickups. A model that's comfortable for you, width and spacing wise, any wood your eyeball falls in love with, and active or passive pickups?

17 December 99 - Micah Ball (CA), to Stickwire:
       Not only can they tell you what they have, they can also help you figure out which model (if any) is right for your needs. My experience with them is that they aren't a "Hard Sell" company at all. Yuta even occasionally discourages people from purchasing a Stick when she feels it wouldn't be appropriate for them (based on what they told her). Not that you really want to be discouraged when you get that consumer hunger going, but it's for your own good.

4 November 99 - Glenn Poorman (MI), to Stickwire:
       I was on the phone every week for several weeks with Yuta Chapman waiting for just the right used instrument to come in. I found their level of service to be un-paralleled and actually looked forward to my weekly call. Finally, an instrument came in that sounded perfect. A used (2 year old) rosewood 10 string Stick #1027. Emmett did his re-conditioning job on it and when it arrived, it was like new. I've been at it every day for about a month now and I love it! I've been going through the first two Bob Culbertson tapes and also trying to figure out things on my own. I'm feeling completely hooked here and have already worked it into one of the tunes I play with the band.

20 September 99 - Dave Dixon (VA), to Stick Enterprises:
       Let me just say that I can't believe an instrument manufacturer would actually take the time out to discuss things like this with a prospective buyer - I had heard good things about you guys, and you've just shown me that you're here to help - and I thoroughly appreciate it!!!

31 March 97 - Cristiano Tortoioli (Italy), to Stick Enterprises:
       I'd like to express to you how much I appreciate your way of working. I've always thought that quickness, politeness and responsibility are the keys to a good job. I found these three qualities in your good work. It is great to know that there is still someone that gives importance to these things.

16 February 97 - Jeff Mondick (PA), to Stickwire:
       Stick Enterprises has given me NOTHING but fantastic service, both from Yuta and Emmett, even when inquiring about things such as used Sticks. All of my dealings with S.E. (even when I was being something of a pest, I might add) have been met with great results, all of my questions answered, and all of the information that I need (I have communicated with S.E. by phone, snail mail and e-mail). IMO, they have fantastic customer service, and even when they say it may take a little while to accomplish something, I am surprised by how little time it actually takes. Try getting that level of service from some other companies, and you will probably be surprised. Just my two cents.

2 February 97 - Michael Damian Jeter (NY), to Stickwire:
       But the most wonderful thing about The Stick is its inventor, Emmett, and his wife, Yuta (our parents). I have found them to be supportive, helpful and courteous in my dealings with them. I know that with their guidance, along with people like Steve Adelson, Greg Howard, Vance, Art, Jim Fanning. Aw, hell, the whole list! I will continue to grow as a musician, definitely, and hopefully, as a total person.

28 January 97 - Leonardo Cavallo (Italy), to Stick Enterprises:
       When purchasing the instrument, I didn't think to receive all this support from you and Yuta. It's been a nice surprise.

16 January 97 - Leonardo Cavallo (Italy), to Stickwire:
       This is my experience too. The order was made by phone and e-mail and I waited two months for the instrument to be built. I paid through the bank and The Stick was shipped promptly. The instrument arrived several days later and it was still in tune (and I don't think at UPS they have tuners). The setup was optimum for two handed tap playing. I did only a little adjustment a few weeks later, for the climatic change. The hard case is incredibly safe. Really positive experience, and the support of Emmett and Yuta about my choices was incredible. About the instrument (10 vs. 12), pickup, string gauge and tuning. Emmett suggested matched reciprocal, and after nine months of playing I'm still enjoying this tuning.

14 January 97 - Paolo Valladolid (CA), to Stickwire:
       I'm still blown away by the personal attention Emmett gives to each instrument that ships out of his door.

20 May 96 - Francesco Puddu (Italy), to Stickwire:
       I have heard people talking about Emmett Chapman as 'difficult to deal with;' my experience in the past and in regard to the making of my new Stick is rather the opposite. We discussed at length via e-mail the details of the construction and it was all truly enjoyable; it was a great pleasure dealing with such an honest, outspoken gentleman and artist.

22 May 95 - John Hendow (WA), to Stick Enterprises:
       Just a warm thanks to you both for always being poised, eloquent and approachable. In my limited direct experience with your company, I have always been pleased to talk to you and it is a pleasure to support your business efforts, particularly because the product you sell is so wonderful! My high opinion of you is often reinforced by seeing others' postings; it seems that just about every Stick player feels spiritually connected to you (and to each other). Thanks for the family vibe. I have had my poly 10-string since December and I am still so excited that I can hardly sleep at night.