Ten String Grand™

12 February 15 - Dr. David Coyte (Australia), to Cambria at Stick Enterprises:
Just to let you know that the Stick arrived all the way down here yesterday. Wow. Having made acoustic musical instruments in my time (violins, guitars, mandolins, dulcimers) I think I can recognize fine craftsmanship and that is exactly what I saw when the Stick arrived safe and sound. Please pass on my thanks and admiration to those who crafted this instrument and of course to its inventor!

29 November 08 - Justin Levis (Australia), to Stickist.com:
I've been playing one for nearly a year and I love it! The string spacing is even wider than the standard 10-string and allows a lot more expression and bolder playing, which is great for bassists or anyone wanting to play more aggressive or percussive music. There is a lot to be said for starting out on a standard 10-string until you get the hang of it and form a clear picture of what you want to achieve, then decide if you want to move to 12 or a wider 10.

30 October 05 - Don Schiff (CA), to StickWire:
I was visiting over at the 'ol SE and got to try Emmett's (very own) Ten String Grand. Ohhhh it was grand all right. It plays and sounds great of course but my lasting impression is that it's like riding in a "Cadillac". I remember when my Dad got one - wow. It was sooo roomy and cushy with a deluxe smoooooth ride. There is such room between strings to stretch out and ride the fret Rails, smoooth and deluxe! So much room in fact that I could pluck the strings on the melody side and tap the bass, and for that matter any combo therein. It sure looked big and beautiful too - black and chrome.

17 April 01 - Chris Crofford (CA), to Stickwire:
I special ordered a 10-string Grand late last year and received mine after it made a guest appearance at the Namm Show. I have previously owned numerous 10-string models; a Grand, an SB8 and I currently own an NS/Stick. In my experience, the "10-string widebody" is by far the easiest one to play, along with the SB8. The string spacing really does make a difference for me. I'm sure this model will not be ideal for everyone, but I think it will be a nice option for some. Hats off to SE for trying to accommodate so many different players and playing styles.