Used Instruments

29 April 07 - Rob Howiler (USA), to Stickwire:
My "new" refurb-ed Stick came in Friday and I've just been having a BALL with it. It's serial #839 12-String Rosewood....absolutely beautiful. It arrived in tune, well packed, and unbelievably well set up. I haven't had a chance to call Stick Enterprises to thank them yet, but I will. It's an amazing instrument. The investment of time & skill to get this thing out to me so quickly and in such great condition speaks volumes about the care SE takes in their instruments. I can't say enough good things about them! It's indeed the Rolls-Royce of instruments.

2 February 07 - Dave Barrett (Canada), to Stickwire:
I have to agree with Peter Z. Any Stick is a good Stick. There are lots of differences between models, and changes that have been made over the years. The bottom line, however, is that even the crudest ironwood Sticks from the mid 70's are still perfectly playable and have all of the elements of Stick that make them a Stick. Yeah, sure the newer Sticks have fret Rails, Flaps, adjustable bridges and fancy new pickups, but the fact is that the early instruments play beautifully and the original Stickup pickup rocks. I personally think the best bass side sound comes from a Stickup.
    My guess is that it would be a number of years before you would develop enough skill and taste in things Stickish to become disatisfied with your first Stick, whatever it was. At that point, you can sell your first one for a profit (which is almost guaranteed) and look for one that suits you better. My advice, therefore, is just to pick up the first Stick you can find at a price you're willing to pay and play it. And play it, and play it.

08 May 06 - Duke Sexton (IL), to Stickwire:
Here's a note for those of you who, like myself, buy your Sticks on the used market: once your instrument arrives, SEND IT IN TO EMMETT FOR A SETUP. My gods, the way this Stick now plays is unbelievable, and is exactly everything I'd hoped. The crew there at SE really are unbelievable.

21 September 04 - Eoin Russell (NY), to Stickwire:
My Polycarb is indestructible, as far as I can tell. It also has never required any maintenance aside from restringing and the occasional wipe-down. I wish I could say that about my guitars. Twelve years ago I bought it used for less than an iPod costs today. I'm sure all the new improvements made to Sticks are great but perhaps the used market has picked up on the unique benefits of the Polycarb.

4 June 02 - David Parr (TN), to Stickwire:
The Ironwood is a wonderful instrument! It is elegantly simple in the fact that it has so few adjustments. The intonation is right on! When the seasons change I might tweak the bridge and nut screws a half turn or so. After 17 years, it of course needs re-fretting but I keep playing it every day and it keeps delivering. Don't worry so much about having to have a 12-string instrument. After having played on 12 strings many players go back to 10 or use both. Just buy a Stick as soon as you can and learn to set it up properly. If I ever did sell my Sticks "heaven forbid" I could get quite a bit more than I originally paid for them. What an investment!

23 April 02 - Don Parkison (CO), to Stick Enterprises:
Just want to thank you for all of your help with my purchase. Would also like you to thank Emmett for me. Excellent craftsmanship. I could still smell the stain when I opened the box. The instrument is beautiful, the tone is incredible and it is so easy to play. Now that I have it, I am glad I have an older model. I feel like I have a little bit of Stick history. Worth every penny.

29 November 01 - Roy Vergas (TX), to Stickwire:
About three weeks ago I got my second Stick, a polycarb. I love this thing! It's been retrofitted with an adjustable truss rod, and it plays like a dream. I like the heavy gauge strings, and the Baritone melody, too, much more than I thought I would. It's a joy. After fourteen years of having my old Stick, having this one is almost a mystical experience. Definitely a musical one.

8 November 01 - Clifton Hyde (IL), to Harmony Central:
The instrument is Brazilian Ironwood and is quite a pretty instrument to look at (lots of compliments for looks as well as "What is that?"). Comes with non-locking tuners and a fixed bridge. HEAVY DUTY road case, strap, strings, adjustment tools, and stereo cable all included. I'm giving it a 5 on features because this is the basic STICK. You can get the MIDI pickup or any number of other add-ons, but I just wanted a good old Stick. Wonderful Stick tone...great percussive bass notes really cut through any mix and the highs really ring out like bells. I love the sound of The Stick and find it great for use as a bass or as a guitarist. There is no problem with annoying hums or anything of the like. Superlow action which is great for tapping. Since Emmett invented the instrument, you really can't go wrong with his set-up. He is very good about taking the instrument in and doing proper set-ups as well. This instrument is 16 years old and is still rock solid and in great condition. I'm sure it will stand up to anything. By far the best customer support I've encountered. You simply call up Emmett or his wife Yuta at their house and they will gladly replace items for free and give you any info available. They are even willing to help track down used instruments and fix them to like new specs. Great people! If you are a bassist or guitarist with an adventurous spirit then you should have this. It has opened up avenues of my playing that I didn't know existed.

17 August 01 - Mike Connelly (WA), to Stick Enterprises:
I want everyone at Stick Enterprises to know that I absolutely LOVE my instrument (oak with MIDI #085), and that it is performing well beyond my expectations. As well as being one of the greatest things that has happened to me as a musician, I am very happy and honored to own this instrument!

12 July 01 - James Whisenant (MA), to Stickwire:
If you can't wait to save for a new instrument, go the used route. I just had my (20 year old) Stick refurbished by SE, and they did a fantastic job, so it's obvious that they care about every instrument that they put their hands on.

10 July 01 - Chuck Ivy (CA), to Stickwire:
The great thing about getting a used Stick from SE is that they won't let it leave their doors without it being in as good condition as possible. When a Stick gets traded to them, Emmett goes through a complete set-up on the instrument, often making it "like-new". Also, depending on the age of the instrument, and what options it has on it, you could, when ordering, ask for a new pickup to be installed (if you wanted a Block for instance), or an adjustable bridge added (if it's a pre-1992 model), etc.

1 December 00 - Gary Beckwith (NY), to Stickwire:
I own a Polycarb, and granted, I've never tried one of the wood Sticks, but I'm supremely happy with it. It's true that the Polycarb doesn't have a truss rod, but it doesn't need one - they're not made of wood, so they don't warp. Also, if you're going to buy a Polycarb, I would definitely send it to SE for them to look at. I purchased mine from another Stick player and at first I was disappointed in the instrument and was having trouble playing it. Emmett did a complete set up, including re-sanding and re-crowning the frets and a new pickup. It really made all the difference. The tone, feel and response are fantastic.

28 November 00 - Glenn Poorman (MI), to Stickwire:
Personally, I feel the most comfortable with a Stick that comes from Stick Enterprises but that doesn't necessarily mean a new one. SE frequently buys Sticks back, reconditions them, and then resells them. That usually means getting a used instrument that's like new. Also, if you find a used one for sale from somebody else, you can always get the serial number off it and call SE to see what info they have on the instrument. If you go ahead and buy it, you can send it to SE for one of their reconditioning jobs (for a nominal fee. I would recommend looking for an instrument that has the various adjustable components (truss rod, bridge, belt hook). My Stick is a reconditioned one I bought from SE. I ended up spending a bit more than I originally intended but it was well worth it.

7 October 00 - Gary Beckwith (NY), to Stickwire:
I also want to add to the "thank you's". I didn't get a new Stick this week, but I just got my Polycarb back from SE. I had a lot of work done on it - complete set up, sanding and re-crowning of the frets, new pickup - and it's so easy to play now, and so comfortable. The tone and response is 10 times better than before. I haven't been able to put it down! I would strongly recommend to anyone who buys a used Stick - if it hasn't been looked at in a while - to send it to SE. Especially if, like me, you've never played another Stick and don't know what it's supposed to feel like and play like. It has made such a difference. Thank you, Stick Enterprises, for renewing my interest in playing this beautiful instrument!

12 September 00 - Pete Gonzales (AZ), to Stickwire:
Say folks, just got my Stick yesterday. It's a refurbished oak Stick that was completely rebuilt in April 99. I must say that I was a bit overwhelmed when I put on the belt clip and strap. Wow, is this thing cool. I was really impressed by the soft touch required and man, the bass end sounded great through my keyboard amp! Anyway, now the fun begins. Public kudos to Emmett and Yuta for their instruments, service and support!

3 September 00 - Pete Gonzales (AZ), to Stickwire:
Speaking of Stick history and value, there's an early 90's Stick on E-Bay that's going for $1,225.00 and it still hasn't hit reserve! Wow, what an investment!

27 August 00 - Chuck Ivy (CA), to Stickwire:
I guess part of the lasting value of The Stick is that it doesn't require an unreasonable amount of maintenance to keep it in good condition. You never break a string, and you don't have to change strings very regularly unless you want to, so the tuning pegs stay fairly untouched. The frets might get a little wear, but the Fret Rods are usually long lasting and don't require redressing. The pickup assembly is interchangeable without much effort so if something went wrong, it could be fixed or replaced easily. All in all, no reason it shouldn't retain its value.

24 August 00 - Joe McCollam (CA), to Stickwire:
Polycarbonate Sticks do sound different from wooden Sticks. The Poly Stick attack has a sharper character to it, I think, more of a transient, and their natural tone is a little brighter. Actually, they really sound neat, and I sure wouldn't mind having one, except that they don't come in 12-string flavor, and I'm totally hooked on my new 12-string Satine. Greg Howard's "Stick Figures" was recorded on a Poly, and you can hear the difference. (And, of course, it also is an excellent CD). Guillermo Cides and Steve Hahn also use Poly's, I believe.

24 August 00 - Eric Vander Werff (TX), to Stickwire: As the owner of a purple heart 10-string (with MIDI!), as well as a Poly with a block and adjustable truss rod, I have to make a quick comparison between the two:
1. It was absolutely no problem for Emmett to install both The Block and the adjustable truss. (BTW, The Block sounds incredible!)
2. The Poly only feels heavy if you compare it to a wood Stick. The difference between 5.5 and 8 lbs. is negligible in the real world. To call it comparatively heavy would be accurate, but it's a silly comparison. So the weight issue is no issue at all.

23 December 99 - Glenn Poorman (MI), to Stickwire:
Very exciting Christmas present from an obviously great lady! I have to recommend calling Stick Enterprises on the phone to see what they have. You may have to wait a bit but it's well worth it. Getting a used instrument from them means getting an instrument that's been inspected, adjusted, and re-conditioned by Emmett. When mine arrived, it was like new!

25 October 99 - Jaap Kramer (Holland), to Stick Enterprises:
I've read the enthusiastic reports from other "used Stick owners" about how perfect the re-work was on their instruments, and mine is no exception to that rule! I'd like to compliment you for doing a PERFECT finishing and set up job. I feel like I play ten times better than I did before.

29 July 99 - Eric Kitchens (TX), to Stick Enterprises:
I received my new/used Stick last night, and I must say, I have never been so impressed with an instrument in my life. The ironwood is by far the most beautiful wood I have seen, all components perfect, action and set up great, in tune and nothing short of impressive! It is a beautiful instrument, and I thank you so much for your craftsmanship. PS Thanks also for the Greg Howard CD, it's a great testament to the power and versatility of the Stick.

18 June 98 - Mike Giampaolo (MN), to Stickwire:
I recently purchased a used Grand (#964 Teak Wood) from Stick Enterprises. This is a fantastic instrument with no problems at all. The set up is perfect with heavy strings and I get incredible sound through my Trace Elliot equipment.

18 April 97 - Benedict Poole (England), to Stickwire:
I must back up Leo on this one. I got my previously-enjoyed 10-string last April/May, and it was shipped to the U.K. very quickly. It arrived in perfect condition, and was in tune! The instrument looked new to me, complete with adjustable bridge, truss and fret rods. The setup, needless to say, was excellent, and I got the Stick Enterprises t-shirt, too!

17 April 97 - Leonardo Cavallo (Italy), to Stickwire:
Only a quick note to comment Stick Enterprises activity about used instruments. A pro double bass player friend of mine recently purchased a used oak Stick from Stick Enterprises, no adjustable bridge, with adjustable truss rod. The instrument was PERFECT. Incredible action, perfect fret work, awesome output volume and great tone. It was a joy to play. You could not say that it was a used instrument; really impressing. And the delivery time was really short; my friend was really happy about his new instrument. Only a suggestion: before buying private, check S.E. used list. They can have what you are searching for and their work is really accurate.

7 February 97 - David Crawford (CA) , to Stickwire:
I have an older ironwood and it has held up extremely well. I bought it used from Stick Enterprises and they put in new pick-ups, and I find its sound to be incredibly close to the new models (if not the same). The intonation is free of problems and it would appear new, but it does lack the adjustable bridge. I love the feel of the ironwood as well as the sound. To tell the truth I really like every Stick that I've played. We all have our preferences, plain and simple. The feel, weight and age differ, but they are all wonderful instruments.

7 December 96 - Chris Crofford (CA), to Stickwire:
If you want a starter instrument, I think a used 10-string would be a great way to go. Especially if you get an instrument that has been recently set up by Emmett.

4 August 96 - Greg Brouelette (CA), to Stickwire:
Whatever you do, if you buy a used Stick you should send it to Emmett to have him set it up for you. It is truly worth the money to have it done correctly. Since Emmett sets up every used Stick that he sells, this would be a very good reason to check with Stick Enterprises to see if they have any used Sticks.

20 January 96 - J. F. Brissette (NV), to Stickwire:
IMO, this is a life-long investment in many ways and I'm convinced you'll get a lot of joy out of your Stick. I'm sure you've noticed how impassioned a lot of us are about the instrument. The very first thing I would recommend (I'm sure everybody will agree on this one) is to have your Stick set up for optimal playability. I don't know where you are in the U.S. but sending it to Stick Enterprises (unless you bought it from them in which case it's already set up) would be a good thing to do right from the start. It does make a huge difference.