Stick players often tend to improvise. This can take the form of the writte and electronic word as well as the musical line. Presented here wit permission of each writer are some of the spontaneous and unsolicited comments from E-mail posts, customer correspondence, and magazine features over recent years and up to the present.

A great many of the comments contained in the following categories of goods and services were written by Stickists corresponding on Vance Gloster's "Stickwire", a long standing interactive E-mail discussion group in real time (more or less) that was active until around 2007. The website also has a very active forum, with thousands of subscribers from around the world.

We have all the original posts, correspondence and articles containing these quotes on file and available for review upon request.

Without the dedicated Stick musicians and the inspiration they reflect back to us, there would be no Stick Enterprises. We are proud of the incredibly rich variety of music being performed and recorded by Stickists around the world.

Grouped under the following headings are some of the more informative and colorful quotes by our customers and supporters. Please check out some of the positive comments coming our way in whatever category of goods and services interests you.

All the Best and thank you all for your comments, Emmett.