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Since 1974, we've made our Stick fretboard tapping instruments for musicians around the world. Today thousands of players are pursuing their musical goals on our 8, 10, and 12 string instruments. Our current designs incorporate decades of innovation for easy setup, and consistent low-action.

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Stick players work in any genre — rock, jazz, classical, folk, in bands and as soloists. We carry over a hundred audio and video titles in our catalog. Check out what our featured artists have been up to, and watch performances in our online videos section.

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"Free Hands" tapping method

Emmett Chapman invented a new way to make music in 1969. He called it "Free Hands", and in 1974 he began teaching it to new Stick players and guitarists interested in tapping. We offer a growing catalog of books, DVDs and CDs by experienced teachers, plus links to free online videos.

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Most of out instruments are custom-ordered to the player's specifications for material, pickups, tuning, etc.., and can take up to a few months to be completed. But we have a limited number of completed new instruments, some at a discounted price, and reconditioned used instruments ready for delivery?

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Dec 22 2017, For Bass Players Only interviews Emmett Chapman

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Oct 4, 2017, Dave Brosky talks about his music, instrument, and the music scene in his hometown, Pittsburgh, and beyond...

Offsite interview by jazz author Debbie Burke

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June 19 2017, For Bass Players Only interviews Tony Levin

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Dec 22 2016, New Tony Levin track, "Fire Cross the Sky"

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Awards for Stick Artists and The Stick

Congratulations to Nick Beggs, Gene Perry and Emmett Chapman for acknowledgements from the Prog Awards, Jet Propulsion Labs and The One-Handed Musical Instrument Trust... read more...

Featured CD

Apophenia by GEPH
Prog-metal-fusion trio of Stickists
Josh Goldberg and John Tyler Kent,
and drummer Josh Merhar

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