for the Stick, Grand Stick, Stick Bass, Ten String Grand, Stick Guitar and Alto Stick models

Our various Stick models are available in rigid, medium lightweight, laminated tropical hardwoods, including the deep yellow tarara (also known as canary wood) with red and purple grain features, and the brilliant red-orange padauk (pronounced "pah-DOOK").

Our dark Indonesian rosewood laminates are a bit heavier. Choice of hardwoods has no discernable effect on tone, as the strings are at a lower tension for light tapping "action", thus there is very little interaction of the vibrating strings with the neck/fretboard structure.

Our newest offerings are African wenge (pronounced WENG-gay), a dense dark-brown wood with a fine brown and black grain, and maple, a light-colored wood with fine grain.

All our hardwoods are grown under sustained harvest plans as renewable resources.

Currently available hardwoods

    rosewood (due to customs regulations, rosewood is available for US orders only)
    tarara (currently only available for the Stick, Stick Bass and Alto Stick models)

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Dark brown with tight grain

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Deep red and orange with pronounced grain

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Light blond with tight grain

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Deep yellow with pronounced grain

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Dark brown with pronounced grain

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Check out bamboo, too!

3 tiered laminate structure.

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