NEW EMG-RB10 Block®, dual EMG pickup module with tone and volume controls.


Introducing a new option in pickup modules now available for 10-string Railboards, and our 8-string Railboard and Alto Railboard models. It's the "EMG-RB10", a passive two-pickup system with nothing but volume and treble roll-off tone controls on each side (bass and melody) and a stereo jack. Also, an elongated version for the wider 12-string Grand Railboard will be coming soon.

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Bob Turner of EMG and I have worked on getting the best basic passive audio output from the shielded single coil pickups, a rich and warm tone with enhanced mid-ranges and alnico magnets. The pair of pickup coils have the same precise height and "tilt" adjustment screws and fit into the same but slightly modified "R-Block" black anodized aluminum housing. There are no active components and thus no mono mode (except of course through a mixing board). The module fits into the same position on the Railboard neck beam using a pair of attachment screws at the same locations - interchangeable with the existing Villex module.

The thinner magnets the Railboard requires produce slightly less volume than our Stickup passive pickups, for example, but these EMGs have an excellent signal to noise ratio, very low hum, and minimal crosstalk, even with hi-gain distortion on the melody side.

This basic R-Block is very easy to repair and with parts easily replaceable. For those of you who enjoy simplicity, I recommend this new "EMG-RB".

All the Best, Emmett.


I’ve really enjoyed (and still use) the Villex pickup. The filter adjustments are really unique and offer lots of useful tonal options. I love the Villex product but I’m a gear junkie so when I saw the EMG option for the Railboard I immediately purchased it.

I purchased my first EMG pickup less than a year after EMG had been in business. I currently have EMG’s on all of my Sticks and most all of my bass guitars. That being said, I use EMG's for two reasons -

1) they have a distinct tonality that cuts thru any mix. The bass strings become one with the kick drum and the melody side just shimmers. This is critical when you play with bands or aggressive electronic sounds like drums or heavy synths.

2) I can use the same effects and compression settings uniformly across all of my basses and Sticks and it just works. It’s plug and play.

The bass sound on the Phil Collins cover is the EMG going directly into an 1176 compressor plugin. I use the Waves or the Arturia 1176 clones and set it to the factory preset for Bass. That’s it and it always works great.

The melody side goes through an amp simulation plugin. I use a lot of stuff but for the Phil Collins cover I used the Kuassa Ampiflikation Matchlok plugin. That plugin sounds almost exactly like a real tweed tube amp.

The goal is to give the Stick a simple but huge sound. That way when you play simple Stick parts they sound like a lot more than what they are. I love gear but sometimes simplicity is the key.

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