Ever since the Stick went into production, Emmett has continued to improve the frets used on his instruments. In 1985, Emmett's Fret Rods (rounds stainless steel frets) replaced the original jumbo guitar frets. Then in 2000, the new, patented Rails® precision tapping frets, made from 3/16" stainless steel bars rotated 45 degrees, were added as an option giving players a choice between two kinds of frets. In 2013 we began using slightly smaller Rails (1/8" bars) on the NS/Stick. Today, those smaller Rails, which have all the benefits of Rails but feel more like conventional jumbo bass guitar frets, are the standard on all new hardwood and bamboo Sticks, and Fret Rods have been discontinued.(View the Rails patent).

Rails give the instrument a precision feel not found with conventional guitar frets, and excellent tactile feedback for your fingertips.

On our newest model, the Railboard, the Rails and the beam are integrated into one structure made from one piece of machined aluminum, which is then protected with a hard anodized ozide or metal plasma coating.

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