12-string guitar scale tapping instrument in hardwoods or bamboo


Per Boysen of Sweden

Your basic order should include the instrument, a flight case or soft case, a stereo cable and an instruction book.

For more information about Greg Howard's, Steve Adelson's Bob Culbertson's, and Emmett Chapman's books and DVDs see instructional materials.

The 12-string "Stick Guitar" gives the two-handed tapping musician an overall higher range for lead and accompaniment than our 36"-scale models. Based on our Grand Stick® design but shorter in scale length by 5 frets, the SG12 is the perfect vehicle for players who don't need to occupy the bass role, but still want a wide range of notes with more overlap between the string sets than on our 10-string Alto Stick.

Shorter scale lengths allow for lighter gauge strings, which can make tapping up high easy with the lowest possible action. Notes near the nut have a full sound with plenty of fundamental frequency for a strong, supportive accompaniment, as on piano or rhythm guitar.

Closer fret spacing means easy reach of close intervals on both sets of strings. Our Rails™, stainless steel precision tapping frets, provide excellent tactile feedback and clearer tone for tapped high notes than conventional guitar frets, with enough room for fingertips between the fret tops even at the highest notes. This makes for fast, articulate tapping in the high lead guitar and violin range.

All three of our pickup choices, the original stereo passive Stickup™, and the stereo/mono ACTV-2™ (with active EMGs) and quad Villex PASV-4™ stereo/mono Block® pickup modules are available, offering a wide range of tones for the tapping guitarist to chose from.

The SG12 is available in all of our hardwood laminates pr bamboo laminate construction. Chose from two inlay patterns, each with a wide selection of inlay colors: our Stick pattern with linear inlays every five frets, or the familiar guitar dot inlay pattern.

Recommended tunings range from variants on our 4ths melody/inverted 5ths bass tunings, to parallel "double-neck" guitar tunings, and two mirrored 4ths tunings, one oriented toward the range of two guitars and the other for piano music. The overall range available for the fretboard is from G below guitar low E to A above guitar open high E. Any tuning the player desires within these extremes is possible. As on all of our instruments, the tuning is completely configurable and intonatable with our adjustable bridge and nut hardware.

12-string Stick Guitar photos

for 12-String Stick Guitar®, all tunings:

Dimensions 37 1/4" (94.6cm) x 3 3/4" (9.5cm) x 1 3/4" (4.5cm)

Neck thickness 7/8" (2.2cm), scale length 26 1/2" (67.3cm)

String spacing .300" (7.62mm), Group spacing .380" (9.14mm)

Average weight 7.6 lbs (2.72kg)
(weight depends on material and pickups)

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