Custom Roland MIDI pickups and installation

Stick Enterprises offers The Grid® MIDI interface system for Stick players,
a modified GK-3 divided pickup.

Stick Enterprises has been an authorized Roland dealer since 1995. Since that time, we have been selling and installing our customized Roland MIDI interface system for new and old Stick fretboard instruments. As authorized Roland dealers we modify the GK-3 pickup to fit the closer string spacing and flatter string profile of The Stick. We can fit the pickup to all of our instrument models regardless of string spacing, including the NS/Stick, Stick Bass and Ten String Grand.

Single MIDI pickups can be mounted on our Stick Bass, NS/Stick and Railboard models, with the pickup covering either the melody or bass string set on the Railboard due to space limitations. All other models can have a single pickup covering the melody or bass strings, or two pickups, covering both string sets.

We call the MIDI interfaced Stick fretboard tapping instrument The Grid®.

Our customized version of the GK-3 MIDI pickup enables Stick players to use Roland's popular guitar sound and synth products, now increasingly in use among Stickists all over the world.

The Roland GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer is also available from Stick Enterprises.

Placeholder image Nick Beggs with The Grid®
on tour with the John Paul Jones trio

Recording featuring MIDI

Thumbnail Image 1
Per Boysen, with Erdem Helvacioglu, performs "Sub City 2064", on his GK-equipped SG12 in concert with in Istanbul.
Sub City 2064 on Band Camp


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