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We are now producing all of our hardwood and bamboo "Stick" fretboard tapping instruments with new medium sized Rails®.  

We introduced our patented "Rails" precision tapping fret system in 2000, originally made from 3/16” square stainless steel bar stock and rotated 90 degrees, points up. These made our very low action fretboards easier to build, setup and to maintain. Rails provide plenty of room for your fingers between the frets, and a fast playing surface. Then in 2010 we replaced the jumbo bass guitar frets on our NS/Stick necks with smaller sized 1/8” Rails, which gave a precision tapping feel without being noticeably different in height from traditional electric bass guitar frets. Then in 2013, these smaller Rails became the standard on all our hardwood and bamboo models.  

Their smaller size made for a more attractive instrument with less wood replaced by the Rails, and with a simpler diamond shape as seen from the side (replacing the 5-sided truncated shape of the larger Rails). There was also more fingertip contact with the fingerboard surface, preferred by many players over the larger Rails, but which some players didn’t like as well.  

Now we’ve split the difference. Our new “Goldilocks” Rails are made from 5/32 inch square stock with tips slightly higher off the board.  Overall weight is reduced. The diamond shaped profile is preserved.  As a standard feature, all new beams of all Stick models will be machine cut with grooves to allow these new medium-sized Rails to slide in from the side.  

"Quite right", says Papa Bear..

View the Rails patent.

The Railboard®, integrated frets and beam

On our newest model, the Railboard, the Rails and the beam are integrated into one structure made from one piece of machined aluminum, which is then protected with a hard anodized ozide or metal plasma coating. find out more...

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