l0-74 First commercial Stick® delivered to customer, made of ironwood with ironwood pickup housing and ironwood belt-hook.
4-75 Metal trapezoidal nameplate on headstock.
9-75 Height adjustable individual bridge screws.
5-76 Neck/fingerboard widened to approximate present width.
5-76 All strings raised a whole tone to present standard tuning.
1-77 Large size "jumbo" guitar frets.
3-77 S-shaped sheet metal belt-hooks with black anodized finish.
3-77 Black anodized sheet metal tailpiece protruding from tail end.
6-77 Black anodized sheet metal pickup module replacing wooden module.
1-78 Entire pickup module height adjustable.
3-78 Rigid, spring tempered steel trusses of 1/2" by 1/4" bar stock inlayed along rear neck.
12-81 Detachable shoulder strap with twist-lock stud.
1-82 Round-wound bass strings replacing flat-wound strings.
4-82 Height adjustable individual nut screws replacing rectangular wooden string spacer and zero fret.
7-82 Curved design detail from nut to headstock surface.
10-82 Injection molded plastic pickup housing with metal fiber shielded interior and molded bobbins for pickup coils.
1-83 Fur dampers replacing velvet ones.
9-83 Injection molded plastic belt-hook replacing sheet metal version.
10-83 Oval nameplate.
11-85 First injection molded black polycarbonate Sticks with stainless steel Fret Rods™ replacing "jumbo" bass guitar frets.
11-85 Introduction of loop style damper with polycarbonate Sticks.
6-87 First Grid(R) MIDI fretboard instrument with MIDI'd melody strings.
7-87 The ten-string "dedicated" Grid with all strings uniformly thin and tuned to the same pitch.
8-88 Rubber-mounted pickup module, isolated from direct vibrational contact with the instrument.
10-89 Hardwood instruments with single adjustable truss rod and stainless steel Fret Rods.
12-90 First three Grand Sticks®.
7-91 First commercial production of Grand Sticks.
7-91 Adjustable bridge/tailpiece unit for 3-dimensional adjustment of individual strings, including a protruding "butt" for standing the instrument on end.
5-92 Headstock with modified round tip.
1-93 Convertible interior nut screw to re-group strings from 5 melody plus 5 bass to 6+4, and on The Grand Stick from 6+6 to 7+5.
3-93 Larger Fret Rods with 3/16" dia. open-"O" grooves in fretboard.
4-94 Injection molded Grand Stick pickup modules, elongated for the wider Grand Stick instrument body, including molded pickup coil bobbins for 6 and 7 strings.
9-94 Adjustable belt-hook for elevation of instrument on the player.
10-94 Shell inlay set of five sizes in paua, abalone, white pearl and black pearl.
1-95 Introduction of heavy gauge strings as an option.
10-95 Introduction of the Roland GK-2A customized Grid pickup and Roland guitar synth products for all Stick models.
5-96 Mounting Wings™ height adjustable assembly for mounting bar pickups on 7-string Stick Bass(R) and customized Sticks.
7-96 Laminate hardwood construction.
8-97 First NS/Stick™ prototype.
3-98 Stick Bass® SB8™ with The Block® ACTV-2™ pickup module with 2 active EMG-FTs.
9-98 12-string Block ACTV-2 pickup module on Grand Sticks.
1-99 10-string Block ACTV-2.
1-00 Rails™ 90 degree pointed frets in stainless steel.
2-00 First NS/Stick dual role tapping/plucking guitar basses.
6-00 Flaps™ dual nut with tripodal adjustment of each string group.
1-01 First graphite long-scale 10-string Stick production with Moses Inc.
2-01 The "Ten-String Grand" model with ten wider spaced strings and matching aligned hardware on a Grand Stick sized fretboard.
5-01 PASV-4™ model of The Block module for 10 and 8-string Sticks with Villex's 4 passive single-coil pickups and versatile tone controls.
10-01 PASV-4 Grand Stick pickup module.
07-02 First graphite long-scale 12-string Grand Stick production with Moses, Inc.
01-03 First hardwood laminate long-scale 10-string "Stick X36" production.
11-03 Linear fretboard inlays as optional markers in a broad variety of acrylic colors.
10-04 The "Alto Stick" with shorter guitar scale length, generally tuned an octave higher on bass and melody sides.
1-05 Bass guitar inlaid dot pattern introduced on the "SB8" Stick Bass model.
1-05 Bamboo material introduced on 8, 10 and 12-string Stick models.
4-06 Graphite neck with rear beveled edges and flat surfaces (US trademark #2,138,101) and new hardwood bodies for NS/Stick
8-07 Half fretless option for NS/Stick
6-07 Annodized aluminum housings for Block pickup modules, with dual mounted PCBs containing circuitry and three in-line controls for the PASV-4.
6-08 First Stick Guitars® (SG12™), 12-string guitar-scale instuments produced.
6-09 Divided truss rod with 4-way push-pull operation in production instruments.
8-10 NS/Stick necks in laminated dark bamboo with smaller 1/8" "Rails".
5-13 Railboard® 10-string Stick model in first production with patented integrated fret (Rail) and beam structure of hard-anodized aluminum, injection-molded bolt-on headstock, and passive/active phantom powered R-Block module with low-profile Villex pickups.
6-13 All wood and bamboo laminate instruments with smaller 1/8" fret "Rails".
1-16 Same Railboard model plasma coated in gold, nickel or gunmetal colored zirconium carbo-nitride bonded to an underlying chrome layer.
3-18 First 8-string Railboard RB8™ produced.
5-19 First 12-string Grand Railboard™ produced.
5-19 10-string guitar scale Alto Railboard™ produced.
12-19 Medium sized fret Rails 5/32" bar stock for all wood and bamboo laminate instruments.