Belt hook and shoulder strap

From the moment Emmett made his method discovery in 1969, he set out to create the optimum instrument for tapping, removing the body and angling it more vertically to make the right hand equal to the left. His belt hook and strap support system (patented in 1974) frees up the player's hands from having to hold the instrument, and keeps it in a comfortable playing position. Because the instrument has no body, both hands have clear access to the higher pitched frets.


The shoulder strap can be loosened or tightened to change the angle of the instrument, bringing it close the the player's body. In 1994, Emmett introduced a 4-position height adjustment to the belt hook to give players more felxibility in vertical positioning of the instrument. Some players simply use their pants belt, others use a second belt around the waist. Some players perfer the instrument at a higher angle, some like it closer to 45 degrees.

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