Offset Guitars on SG12™
  (2 string groups of guitar based tunings, offset by a 4th)

This Stick Guitar tuning is like having a double-neck guitar on one fretboard, with the two groups of strings offset by a 4th from each other, making one group better suited to accompaniment and the other to lead melody. All the familiar guitar chords and scales are there in both string groups.

A more vertical playing position eases wrist strain and gives each hand equal access to either string group.

    High Group*
  1. G (above guitar high E)
  2. D down a 4th
  3. Bb down a major 3rd
  4. F down a 4th
  5. C down a 4th
  6. G down a 4th (above guitar low E)
    Low Group*
  1. D (below guitar high E)
  2. A down a 4th
  3. F down a major 3rd
  4. C down a 4th
  5. G down a 4th
  6. D down a 4th (below guitar low E)

Range of tuning:

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