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Stick artists are unique individuals, each exploring their own vision of how to make music with our instruments. We're proud to present these feature articles about their avtivities. Check back frequently for more. Click the image to read the article.

Michael Kollwitz, one of the earliest Stick players, releases his 27th album, and hits the Billboard New Age charts. current featured artist.

2017-19 Featured Artists

Tomás Merlo 06/19. A band is born. Meet Spanish bassist and Sticist Tomás Merlo's new fusion trio, V-M-L

Rodrigo Serrão 02/18. A Portuguese bassist/singer meets the Railboard and both are transformed. Interview, videos, sample mp3s.

Nick Beggs 02/17.For over 30 years Nick has brought he Stick into pop and progressive rock settings, playing with diverse acts like 80's Kajagoogoo, John Paul Jones' power trio, and Steven Wilson's Band. Now, his latest studio project, The Mute Gods, have released their second album, and the God's are getting angry...

2012-16 Featured Artists

Pascal Glanville 10/15.Pascal fills up London's South Bank with his original tunes and sweet renditions of popular tunes from Bob Marley to Cold Play. Read all about his latest recording Labrynths and his work with War of the Worlds composer Jeff Wayne. Interview, videos, sample mp3s.

Jim Meyer 01/15.Take a stroll through Vancouver's Granville Island market district on any given day and you'll come across busker and recording artist Jim Meyer, whose latest CD is called Watercolour Video interview, sample mp3s.

Per Boysen 04/14. The Swedish looping artist dives deep into the short-scale Stick Guitar... Feature article, and videos.
Leo Gosselin 11/13. Leo is a master soloist, and disctinctive song stylist. He's got a new CD called The Longing and is touring wineries in Southern California in November and December. Feature article, video, sample mp3 and interview.
Josh Goldberg 09/13. Josh's heavy progressive rock band "And The Taveler" have just released their debut double CD, The Road, The Reason. Josh also produces a series of fun and informative videos called "Stick Science". Feature article, and videos.
Michael Bernier 02/13. Original "Stick Man" Michael Bernier has a new CD out called Veil. Greg has a video visit, in which Michael shows off some of his "unconventional" approaches to this unconventional instrument. Feature article, video interview.

2011-2012 Featured Artists

Bob Culbertson 04/12.The veteran Stickist and master of many styles has a new CD of Celtic music, Celtic Waters, and has just released The Chapman Stick, a hardcover photo retrospective of the instrument. Feature article, sample tracks and interview.
Abby Clutario 08/11. Singer Stickist and keyboardist Abby Clutario fronts the Filipino progressive rock band, Fuseboxx. Their new CD, ANIMATED, has just ben released to critical and fan acclaim Feature article, interview and videos.
Gary Jibilian 03/11.Gary Jibilian's duo with drummer Jay Setar packs a one-two progressive punch: tight, intricate, intense performance of original compositions and polyrhythmic loop-based jams.

2009-2010 Featured Artists

Rob Martino 07/10. Virginia-based progressive rock musician Rob Martino has parlayed his popular original YouTube video "One Cloud" into a debut solo CD. Feature article, interview and videos.
Andy Salvanos 03/10.We checked in with full-time Australian street musician, Andy Salvanos about his new CD, and some unusual concert performances. Feature article, interview and videos.
Tom Griesgraber 11/09. The San Diego-based Stickist and composer talks about house concerts, performing and recording with California Guitar Trio member Bert Lams, and offers some practice tips for new players. Feature article, interview and videos.
Steve Adelson 03/09. The New York jazz Stick guru talks about his new instructional DVDs, explores his musical roots, hails the VG-99, and demystifies the fretboard. Feature article, interview and videos.

2007-2008 Featured Artists

Heartstrings 10/08. The Austin, Texas Stick duo of Matt Rogers and Mark White have just released their second CD, Silk and Steel, as a trio with vocalist Tabitha Chambers. Feature article, interview and video.
Tony Levin 10/07. Tony Levin has introduced more fans to the sounds of The Stick than any other player. With the release of his new CD, Stick Man, he's delving deeper than ever before into the instrument. Feature article and interview.
Kevin Keith 05/08.Kevin's new urban jazz project with drummer and drum machinist David "Fingers" Haynes, The Electronic Jazz Ensemble, has just released their first CD called This is EJE. Feature article, interview and videos.
Glenn Poorman 08/07.has released his first Stick-centric CD,
121normal under a project by the same name. The record features loop-based compositions on Grand and Alto Stick. Feature article and Interview.
Pascal Gutman 05/07.Celebrates 20 years of Stick playing,
his second CD, Ed Rehm and a tour around France.
Interview and video links.
Michael Kollwitz 11/06. Sacramento-based Michael Kollwitz (A.K.A. Michael K), is one of the most experienced and most active Stick players in the world today. This year alone he has played over 100 concerts and released a new CD, a new live concert DVD and a downloadable "greatest hits" collection.

2005-2006 Featured Artists

Youenn Landreau 07/06. The many bands of this French Stickist present everything from new takes on trational music from Brittany to a rocking multimedia trio. Live performances videos, an interview, and Youenn's tour schedule through November 2006.
Don Schiff 07/05. Veteran Stickist Don Schiff has just released Peering Over Clouds, his first CD on Think Tank Media Records - progressive NS/Stick instrumentals.
The Stick Center in Spain 04/06. The Stick Center in Spain has released Stickistas: a Compilation of the Art of Hispanic Players and Composers
Greg Howard 03/05. Greg celebrates his 20 years of Stick playing with a new live solo improv CD/DVD Ether Ore and a recapping of career highlights.
Cabezas de Cera 12/05.
This progressive trio from Mexico City, featuring Stickist Mauricio Sotelo, celebrates their ten years of making music, live DVD and three CDs.
Larry Tuttle 01/05. Larry's new group String Planet, with his Freeway Philharmonic musical partner violist Novi Novog, has released their debut eponymous CD.

2003-2004 Featured Artists

Nima Rezai 09/04. Nima Rezai's Los Angeles-based band Merge explores the collision of Middle Eastern harmonies and progressive rock and jazz sensibilities.
Steve Adelson 07/03. Steve founded The Guitar Workshop in Brooklyn in 1977, since then he's become a defining jazz voice on The Stick, releasing two CDs with his Sticktet, and teaching at Stick seminars around North America.
Emmett Chapman 08/04. We celebrate the 35-year anniversary of Emmett's method discovery of tapping with "Parallel Hands", an article by Jim Reilly.
Tom Griesgraber 05/03. San Diego based Stickist Tom Griesgraber is on the road with the California Guitar Trio and recording with legendary drummer Jerry Marotta.
André Pelat 03/04. French Stickist André Pelat explores jazz, classical and Latin rock in solo and ensemble contexts.
Jim Reilly 04/03. Candian Stickist Jim Reilly is becoming an authority on teaching the method and writing about the Stick phenomenon. His new CD is called Play.
World Stick Seminar 01/04. November, 2003 saw the largest gathering ever of Stick players from around the world in San Jose, California, organized by Stick pioneers Bob Culbertson and Jim Bruno.
Virna Splendore 03/03. In Italy The Stick is synonymous with Virna. Read about her debut CD, Guilty and her concerts and teaching.
Jim Lampi 10/03. Jim Lampi started out in the San Francisco Bay area as a comtemporary of Michael Hedges and Tuck and Patti. Now he makes his home in London, and performs and teaches around Europe and the US.
Dale Ladouceur 08/03. This Canadian singer/Stickist has a new band, The Broke Ensemble, which has a new CD Brimstone and Clover.
Sean Malone 02/03. Formerly the bassist/Stickist with the progressive band Cynic, this Oregon-based composer has released a solo CD, Cortlandt, and now his second under the name of Gordian Knot.
Leo Gosselin 01/03. This prolific Canadian player has two new CDs released simultaneously, Dream Waters and Celtic Vision

2002 Featured Artists

Carrie Melbourne 12/02.
Perhaps best known as the bassist for Tricky, Carrie has released a CD, Indian Ocean with her husband, Doug Melbourne, and is also performing with "Tubular Bells" composer Mike Oldfield.
Nick Beggs 07/02. From the 80's Kajagoogoo to Belinda Carlisle, Iona and Led Zeppelin's John Paul Jones, Nick Begg's is one of the best-known Stickists in the world today. This month Stick Enterprises is proud to release his first solo CD, Stick Insect.
Don Schiff 10/02. Don Schiff has been performing with a huge variety of artists on The Stick for over 25 years. Now he's on the road with Stacia, has upcoming shows with Rocket Scientists and has a new CD coming out with Lana Lane.
Ron Baggerman 05/02. Holland's "Galaxy Gypsy" has a new CD and live concert DVD.
Bob Culbertson 09/02. Bob has been helping to define Stick music since the mid 1970s. He's sold almost 100,000 records, given thousands of performances and taught hundreds of players, and it seems like he's just now hitting his stride...
Tony Levin 04/02. Having turned millions on to the instrument through his work with Peter Gabriel and King Crimson, the World's best-known Stickist is on the road with his new band, supporting the release of his new CD Pieces of the Sun
Guillermo Cides 08/02. Argentine Stickist Cides has founded the Stick Center in Spain, and has released CDs exploring diverse music from progressive rock to JS Bach.
Greg Howard 03/02. One of the Stick world's most active performers and recording artists, Greg is bringing his band from Holland to the US for a tour this month. They'll be performing tunes from their debut CD Lift.