Matched Reciprocal™ SG12™
(six melody 4ths and six accompaniment 5ths)

This tuning raises the 12-string Matched Reciprocal tuning on our long-scale instrument up by a 5th interval on both sets of strings. The melody strings cover the lead guitar and violin range, and the accompaniment group covers the rhythm guitar and mid to high bass range. The overall range is from G, a major 6th below guitar low E, to high E, the highest note on a 24-fret guitar.

The lettered melody notes match in stacked relationship with the bass on any given fret, the melody group descending in 4ths and the bass ascending in 5ths.

  1. G (a minor 3rd above guitar high E)
  2. D down a 4th
  3. A down a 4th
  4. E down a 4th
  5. B down a 4th
  6. F# down a 4th
  1. G (a major 6th below guitar low E)
  2. D up a 5th
  3. A up a 5th
  4. E up a 5th (unison with string 4)
  5. B up a 5th
  6. F# up a 5th

Range of tuning:

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