Mirrored 4ths "Piano"
(6 melody 4ths and 6 accompaniment inverted 4ths, an octave apart)

This Stick Guitar tuning provides identical chord and scale shapes for each hand, which makes it ideal for tapping written piano music on strings. Closer fret spacing than on a long-scale instrument means fast and easy access to any interval in either hand.

The overall range spans almost 5 octaves, from G# 2 1/2 octaves below middle C to F# 2 /12 octaves above it. Lighter strings and the Rails precision tapping frets make it easy for the right-hand can play higher than guitar, up into the violin range.

The most commonly played Cs in each string group are adjacent to inlay markers, making them easy to find (see diagram at right.)

  1. A
  2. E down a 4th (open guitar high E)
  3. B down a 4th
  4. F# down a 4th
  5. C# down a 4th
  6. G# down a 4th
  1. G# (octave below #6)
  2. C# up a 4th
  3. F# up a 4th
  4. B up a 4th
  5. E up a 4th
  6. A up a 4th

Range of tuning:

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