12-String Mirrored 4ths

This tuning offers more familiar 4ths bass scale and chord patterns for the left hand, but inverts them to take advantage of the improved playing ergonomics of having the low string in the middle of the instrument, as on our inverted 5ths bass tunings. Chord shapes fit the hand more comfortably than in a conventional 4ths bass tuning,

Several players have taken advantage of the unique musical possibilities offered by this tuning, including Rob Martino. His distinctive playing style, which includes embellishments of his accompaniment chords with bass fills and ornamentation, has attracted a lot of attention, with his YouTube videos receiving hundreds of thousands of views.

The lowest note in the tuning is Bass Low E. It's not recommended for 8 and 10-string instruments because bass strings do not go high enough for effective chording on less than 6 strings.

You can read an article with video examples by Rob about the sub-techniques he has developed using this tuning, and how it uniquely suits his music, here:

  1. C
  2. G down a 4th
  3. D down a 4th
  4. A down a 4th
  5. E down a 4th (guitar low E)
  6. B down a 4th
  1. E (bass guitar low E)
  2. A up a 4th
  3. D up a 4th
  4. G up a 4th
  5. C up a 4th
  6. F up a 4th

Range of tuning:

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