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StickMan, The story of Emmett Chapman and the Instrument He Created
by Jim Reilly

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Writer and Stick player Jim Reilly captures the arc of Emmett's life in this moving biography of a true American original — musician, inventor, entrepreneur and family man.

Did you ever wonder how The Stick came to be? How Emmett and Yuta Chapman met? How Emmett's early years set the tone for the rest of his life?

Paperback. 276 pages, filled with stories and observations from the people who've known him best, and many photos from Emmett's childhood, early musical career, and his decades at the helm of Stick Enterprises.

"StickMan is as much an American adventure story as documentary chronicle, recounting Chapman's experimental struggles in actually building the contraption, refining it, and fighing for mainstream acceptance. Engagingly written and loaded with eye-popping revelations, you'll have a hard time putting this page-turner down."
—John Collinge, Progression Magazine

"Jim connects the dots to form a compelling and complete picture of a truly original man."
—Greg Howard

"I finished reading it last weekend and by the end, I was in tears. Thanks, Jim, for writing this book."
—Dan Chapman, Emmett's brother
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