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The Chapman Stick by Bob Culbertson
Graphic design and photography by Dan and Yuki Chapman

"Wow. What a fabulous book this is, Emmett. The photos are stunning. Bob's writing is marvelously descriptive, informative and concise. The overview of your evolutionary developments with The Stick is super-impressive."
—Lee Underwood, California
" It is not only beautiful in design, photos and content, but also a great historical book that features the best moments of Stick life. Thanks also for including me there, always an honor to me to be part of this history."
—Guillermo Cides, Spain
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This new pictorial tribute to the instrument celebrates its origin, construction, artistry and community, as well as Bob's own lifelong musical journey. Ever since he took up the instrument in 1976 at the age of twenty, Bob Culbertson has been a defining voice on the Chapman Stick. He has mastered the instrument in several genres including Celtic, flamenco, blues, new age, and more recently has added many well known classical themes to his repertoire, earning him the nickname "Segovia of The Stick".

His colorful coffee-table book includes double spreads of current and archival photos - many never before published - of artists, instruments, the manufacturing process, seminars and more, insightfully captioned by Bob from his unique perspective as an early adopter and well-traveled concert master.

"The book is beautiful, Dan and Yuki did an amazing job with the layout and design. Bob's personality comes through loud and clear in the text. The images are outstanding - a work of art and such a rich addition to the Stick lexicon."
—Jim Reilly, Calgary
"Congratulations on the new book! It is great to see Emmett's accomplishments documented properly in this wonderful retrospective.
—Ned Steinberger, Maine

"What a treat! A wonderful book, from Emmett's "forward" to the last pages showing the first Railboards."
—Olivier Vuille, Switzerland
"The Stick is more than an instrument, it's a culture. Thanks to Bob and Dan for bringing that culture into beautiful relief on these pages."
—Greg Howard, Virginia

"I received Bob's Chapman Stick Book yesterday in the mail. It is a wonderful presentation (and there is my "One Cloud" in the grid of album covers!). I am fortunate to be a part of such a great community."
—Rob Martino, Virginia
"The book is superbly designed and crafted and truly honors you, your family and your unique and elegant instrument that has taken over my own musical life. Dan's work is stunning. Bob's insights open more visions on the Stick's history. I immediately read it from cover to cover and will do so again and again.
—Sean Stirling, Washington
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"I just wanted to say thanks for sending Bob's new book. It's beautiful!! It looks and feels like a total labor of love. What a great tribute to The Stick."
—Larry Tuttle, California
"Cubby, Dan and Emmett have done a great job. I like the textural closeups and a certain "want to feel" scale of the photos. Succinct copy and a great idea"
—Jim Lampi, London

"This book is a fantastic showcase for The Stick. Please transmit to Bob my admiration for the job he has done with your brother Dan. "
—Youenn Landreau, France
"Hello Emmett, I finally received Bob Culbertson's book with your nice words on it. It's a beautiful tribute to the instrument and the inventor, something that we all were waiting for. "
—Andrea Moneta, Italy

"An amazing book. The photos are great and I was excited to read all the history of the instrument, its components and processes involved in making a Stick. This book is a great introduction to anybody with an interest in stringed instruments. Thanks also for including some of the Cabezas albums on the Stick album's two-page spread - really an honor."
—Mauricio Sotelo, Mexico
"I settled down this morning in the quiet of my little office with a hot cup of coffee and took my sweet time going through the book. The layout and photographs are gorgeous. It was so impressive to see the groups of faithful Stick players all over the globe! Emmett's inventions sure have left an indelible mark on the music world."
—Leslie Lewin, Geirgia