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Basic Free Hands Technique
by Greg Howard

Basic FREE HANDS Technique, Leaning the Chapman Stick from the Bottom Up, is the first Stick instructional DVD dedicated exclusively to your technique development. This two-hour DVD focuses on Greg's emphasis on hand movement to support the fingers developed as a player and teacher of Emmett's method.

Now available as 6 free videos on YouTube:
Watch Basic Free Hands Technique on YouTube

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Lessons on the Stick Vol 1 and 2
DVD, by Bob Culbertson

Two DVDs of lessons from one of the most experienced players and teachers.  Covering a wide range of subjects. 

Disc 1 Beginner to Intermediate
Disc 2 Intermediate to Avdanced

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Ultimate Stick 2 DVD set by Steve Adelson

"Ultimate Stick" is a comprehensive, beginner to advanced voyage, presented in 44 easy to understand segments. Starting with simple fretboard navigation and fingering geography, Steve illustrates the logic of the Stick's tuning and layout. Adelson goes through each hand's role, by exploring bass, melody and harmony step by step and then as a homogenous concept. Basic theory is explained and applied to achieve those hard to find complex harmonies.

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The Stick Book Volume 1 Companion Audio CD Set by Greg Howard

120 tracks on two CDs of all the notated music from Greg's Stick Method Book.  Works with all tuning versions of the book.


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