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by Steve Adelson

72 pages, published by Mel Bay and includes access to a one hour online video.

Emmett's comments on the book:

A note of appreciation to Steve on this Christmas Day. We just received Mel Bay's first shipment of the new lesson book, "Stickology", and I just finished reading it through.

Many thanks Steve, for including my preface and history of the playing method on the opening pages. I'm proud to have had a small part in this excellent instructional resource for Stick and "FTI" players.

It covers all manner of Stick techniques from the solid foundations to the more exotic finger expressions and stylistic devises, also with some Stick history and music theory to add depth and meaning. All the photos, tablature, diagrams and exercises will certainly sustain interest and motivate musical progress.

Thanks also to Mel Bay Publications for publishing and releasing this Stick book on two-handed string tapping. It's a great feeling to have that kind of support from a long established music publisher whose books have inspired countless young American musicians of past generations.

Steve's DVD accompanies the book in a pouch on the inside rear cover, and seems basically to recap all the lessons but in a humorous personal style, showing how it's all physically done and what musical possibilities can result. The DVD shows Steve in typical teaching and communicating mode, following what I've always felt was one of his callings, that is, to enlighten the student "by leaps and bounds" - a master teachers technique that fosters independence in learning and, ironically, ultimate freedom from the teacher.

Thanks Steve for the inspiration, Emmett.

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