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Available for these tunings:

10-string Baritone Melody™ '97,
10 & 12 Matched Reciprocal™ '04,
10 &12-string Classic™ '04

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by Greg Howard

One of the foremost Stick teachers and recording artists, Greg shares a structured method incorporating technique, theory, plenty of exercises and arrangements of standards and his own compositions (including "Shapes" and "Charmed Life"). The book makes use of the Staff Tab™ notation system developed jointly by Greg and Emmett. This system shows all of the information from both tablature and traditional staff notation on one double staff.

    Contains 9 complete song arrangements,
    dozens of etudes and melodic and rhythmic exercises,
    photos and of hands and tabs for playing every common chord shape.

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Also available: The Stick Book, Volume One, Companion Audio CD Set.


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