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The Songs:

  1. "Del Mar"
  2. "Requiem for Persephone" (complete transcription)
  3. "Adrift" (with transcribed solo)
  4. "Morning Song" (with transcribed solo)
  5. "Softly She Walks" (transcribed completely from the CD)
  6. "Blue Ridge" (with transcribed solo)
  7. "Where Are You Tonight?"
  8. "Quince Street"
  9. "Sangre de Cristo"
  10. "El Chicle"
  11. "Goya's Dream"
  12. "Cross Country"
  13. "Blues for Ayman"
  14. "Blues for the Status Quo"

by Greg Howard edited by Glenn Poorman, 116 pages

Placeholder image 14 Song Arrangements with exercises. $37 plus shipping.
Matched Reciprocal: for Matched Reciprocal 10 and 12 string instruments
Baritone Melody: for Baritone Melody 10-string and Classic 12-string.
Classic 10-string: for either 10-string Classic.

Greg is one of the most prolific and recognizable composers on The Stick. These 14 song arrangements span his whole catalog, from his earliest recordings to the present. The arrangements are combined with technique exercises, making this a unique method book, which can also serve as a foundation for Stick performance repertoire. These arrangements span a wide range of difficulty, so players of all skill levels will find something they can work on. Each exercise explores a technique element found in its accompanying song arrangement, such as octave melody, harmonics, ghost notes and reading rhythms. Two new graphic devices, Keymaps and Key Guides, show how to utilize the entire fretboard for melodic play and soloing, rather than remaining boxed into scale positions, for a free-flowing aproach in the right hand.

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