Mirrored 4ths "Guitar"
(6 melody 4ths and 6 inverted accompaniment 4ths, a 4th apart)

This Stick Guitar tuning provides identical chord and scale shapes, "mirrored" to fit each hand the same way. Strings 1-6 extend down in 4ths, with string 7 adding another low melody 4th, for an effective melody group of 7 strings.

The overall range spans from C# below guitar low E to the high E you would find at the 24th fret of a guitar. Guitar chords fall nicely into the lower frets on the accompaniment hand, making this tuning ideal for playing rhythm and lead guitar parts simultaneously, with all of the ergonomic advantages offered by reaching your hands over a mirrored tunings instead of a parallel one, and for exploring the kind of interdependent play and complex clustered chord voicings that's possible only on two string groups with lots of overlap.

  1. G
  2. D down a 4th (below guitar open high E)
  3. A down a 4th
  4. E down a 4th
  5. B down a 4th
  6. F# down a 4th
  1. C# (down a 4th from string 6, below guitar low E)
  2. F# up a 4th (unison with string #6)
  3. B up a 4th (unison with string #5)
  4. E up a 4th (unison with string #4)
  5. A up a 4th (unison with string #3)
  6. D up a 4th (unison with string #2)

Range of tuning:

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