12-String Classic™ with High Bass 4th

This tuning is identical to the 12-String Classic™ tuning except that the highest bass string is tuned up only a 4th to an A as opposed to being tuned up a 5th to a B. The 4th tuning on that string allows the power root-5th-root chord to be played on those strings with a single finger and also enables colorful jazz chordal voicings within easy left hand grasp.

  1. D
  2. A down a 4th
  3. E down a 4th
  4. B down a 4th
  5. F# down a 4th
  6. C# down a 4th
  1. C
  2. G up a 5th
  3. D up a 5th
  4. A up a 5th
  5. E up a 5th (unison with 3rd string)
  6. A up a 4th

Range of tuning:

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