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Meet the Pickups video by Greg Howard

Greg shows you the basics of the three pickups for our wood an bamboo instruments. Click here for information on the Railboard's R-Block module.

Truss Adjustment Video by Greg Howard

Greg Howard shows how to make routine truss adjustments and also how to sight your truss for precise adjustments when changing your setup:

Tuning Conversion from Classic to Dual Bass Reciprocal by Greg Howard

Greg shows you how to adjust the nut, bridge and pickups when you make this tuning change, and cleans up his Stick in the process

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My Stick Retrofit Report

Article and photos by Eric Knapp, May, 2007.
Eric had an adjustable truss installed and other updates done on his 1980s-era polycarbonate Stick. A great writeup with hi-res photos.

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Stick Setup

Greg Howard, May 15, 2001.
Greg explains how to adjust your truss, bridge and nut, and set intonation, as well as how to change your setup for different tunings and string gauges.

Tip Sheets and Operator's Manuals


Use these reference mp3s to help tune your Stick. these sounds files are for 5 bass and 5 melody strings, Inverted 5ths bass/4ths melody, from the Stick Book Volume 1, Companion CD Set
BASS STRINGS (low to high F, C, G, D, A): Fret 5 for Classic, MR, BM, Fret 7 for Deep Bass tunings


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