A new version of the Railboard for higher registers


Our new guitar scale "Alto Railboard" model is now in production.

Based on our 10-string Stick design, this 26.5-inch scale 22-fret tapping instrument moves the bass range up into guitar territory, and gives the player easy access to high melody in the violin register. This new Railboard version's fully adjustable hardware accommodates all of our recommended Alto Stick tunings, or your custom tuning from the G below guitar low E all the way up to A above the guitar's high E string.


The "Alto Railboard" has mostly identical features to the 34" scale 10-string Railboard:

- Bolt-on headstock.

- Integral "Rail" frets CNC machine cut out of one aluminum piece together with neck and fingerboard.

- Extra distance between "Flaps" dual nut and "X-fret" (first tapped fret position) for uniform sound and feel.

- Slightly wider string spacing and string group spacing than the wood and bamboo Alto Stick model.

- R-Block pickup module with versatile tone shaping, auto-switching from passive to phantom powered active modes, and stereo to mono.

- All cables and stereo splitters for passive and active modes.

- Adjustable bridge saddles in three dimensions: up and down for lowest tapping "action", back and forth for true octaves, and slightly angled for uniform string spacing.

- Fretboard inlay markers at frets 2, 7 and 12 filled with a wide variety of glitter colors or aqua glow, also dots or lines in the recessed color finish of the hard anodized beam itself, or recessed dots in exposed aluminum.

- Optional custom Roland MIDI pickup for either the melody or bass string group.

Fully Adjustable Truss Rod

The (2)-way adjustable rear truss rod is identical to our Alto Stick and Stick Guitar models, (to pull or push from the rear neck) for lowest possible tapping action.

Railboard construction (10-string 34" scale version shown)

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5 anodized colors

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Railboard parts.

for 10-string Alto Railboard®, all tunings:

Dimensions 36 3/8" (92.4cm) x 3 1/2" (8.9cm)

Neck thickness 3/4" (1.9cm), scale length 25 1/2" (64.8cm)

String spacing .340" (8.64mm), Group spacing .470" (11.94mm)

Weight 7 lbs (3.17kg)

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