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Three distinctive full-range pickup modules for you to choose from

Emmett recognized early on that the sound of the Stick was brader than that of the guitar. The long-scale low bass strings and crystalline melody strings required a different approach to amplification, with very low noise and exceptional frequency response. The Stickup, though refined over the years, provides that familiar "classic Stick sound". Based on the success of the NS/Stick, which used 4 active EMG pickups, in 1998 Emmett introduced the first "Block", a compact patented removable module (view patent) which has volume and tone controls and can be operated in active or passive modes. This module, the ACTV-2, is interchangable with the other Block module, the PASV-4 ("passive four"), which features four selectable Villex pickups, four-position filters and stereo/mono modes.
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The Stickup™

Full-range passive stereo pickup module

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The ACTV-2™ Block®

Active stereo/mono EMG pickup module

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The PASV-4™ Block®

Passive quad Villex stereo/mono pickup module. Not available as of June 1, 2021

Comparative sound samples of the three different pickup modules

For direct comparison of the three different pickups, please check out these sound samples


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