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Various Artists

Stick Night '99 CD 1999 CD $15.

Recorded Live on January 28, 1999,
at La Ve Lee nightclub,Studio City California.
Hosted by Greg Howard

This is a shortened CD version of the Stick Night '99 video released last year

Joining host Greg Howard are Larry Tuttle, Don Schiff, Steve Adelson, Third Door Down (featuring Casey Arrillaga), Bob Culbertson, Emmett Chapman and Jim Lampi, who had gathered in Los Angeles for the NAMM Convention. The diversity of sounds, Sticks and styles make for a unique night of music, and an excellent viewing and listening opportunity for the fan of tapping music.

Larry Tuttle, of Freeway Philharmonic fame sets a high standard for the night, starting things out on Grand Stick with three solo instrumental pieces, from his new Through the Gates.

He is followed by Don Schiff who plays and sings three songs from his Timeless CD, with Casey Arrillaga jamming along on percussion. Don's NS/Stick playing will give many their first taste of this diverse 8-string multi-technique instrument.

New York jazz Stick guru Steve Adelson plays his versions of jazz standards with guest drummer Roman Cho.

Third Door Down: The sweetly dramatic vocals of Kira Arrillaga and Heather Niss hitch a ride on Casey Arrillaga's driving arpeggios.

Bob Culbertson contributes two beautiful solo instrumentals from his Moment in Time CD. Sitting with his Block-equiped Grand Stick on a crossbar over his knees, Bob employs a mulititude of playing techniques.

Next we hear the Latin sound of trumpeter Shyam Kannan, drummer Roman Cho, and Greg Howard, playing one song from Greg's Sol CD. Greg uses his Baritone Melody ten-string in every solo and accompaniment mode the music calls for.

Emmett begins with an improv he calls "Stick Reunion '99," He plays his Block-equipped 12-string, processed through distortion, ambients and the Patch of Shades.

Winding up the performance is vocalist/Stickist Jim Lampi, whose soulful singing and dynamic play show what a complete instrument for accompanying a vocalist The Stick can be.

Eight performances, each showcaseing a completely different aspect of The Stick as brought to life by these artists.

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