"Stickman" Vince Warren

Sweet Toof 1999 CD $12.

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Stikman's style is authentic blues, with all the groove, licks and soulful vocals you'd expect from a great blues artist. The catch is that this is a solo Stick/vocal record, without overdubs. Warren's lead and rhythm lines have a natural hook. Add a foot tapping on a mic stand for a percussive effect, and the Stick bass sounds much like an upright bass.

The songs on "Sweet Toof" are humorous without being "comical". Honest but upbeat. Most were written by the CDs producer, Ramesh. They'd work in any blues instrumental context, but in Warren's hands, the three elements, bass, melody and vocal, all swing together. The occasional gurgling distortion tone on the melody lines sounds as good as any blues guitar tone would.