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Tomás Merlo Group

Crisis 2021 CD $12.

Tomás Merlo - Chapman Stick
Jorge Vera Aguilera - keyboards and Fender Rhodes
Miguel Lamas - drums
Pepa Niebla - vocals on "Continuum"

The debut album of Tomás's new jazz fusion trio.

Available on CD from Stick Enterprises
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Or download on BandCamp

1. Crisis 06:08
2. Pacman 07:52
3. Nautilus 03:25
4. Nemo 10:21
5. Protocosmos 02:45
6. Pulse 11:16
7. Sygma 04:30
8. Crisis/New Beginning 14:21
9. Continuum 01:42


"It's heaven, standing under a warm waterfall at exactly your temperature with energy supplied by the rushing water.
What a trio! What a musical conception! It's the voice of eternity as opposed to this mundane sphere.

Many thanks for this uplifting muse, and to the three of you. I hope that opportunities will always keep you together. What an unearthly blend!" —Emmett Chapman.