Gary Jibilian and Jibilian/Setar

Anti-Body Reactor 2009 CD $8.

Anti-Body Reactor is a 3 song studio cd engineered by Ronan Murphy (King Crimson, Bozzio/Levin/Stevens) + 2 Live Bonus Tracks.

This 5-song EP CD captures the powerful progressive duo of NS/Stickist Gary Jibilian and drummer Jay Setar in the studio and in a live setting.

Galaxy Rodeo 2001 CD $12.
Brain Core, Detroit, Michigan

"Galaxy Rodeo" is the debut CD featuring NS/Stickist Gary Jibilian and drummer Todd Glass. It's just a live recorded duo with a variety of rhythmic grooves and patterns, no particular focus on the melody, no orchestral decorations, no loops, just some fun rhythm section games.

But what creative games they are, fertile with complex permutations as driving rhythm patterns unfold from all tapping registers, bass and melody sides, as well as between strings and skins.

It's the sound, however, that most characterizes this CD, I would say. The NS/Stick goes airborne. Not so much the rocket as in the "Galaxy" title, but more a single prop, two-seater at an air show. It moves and breaths.

The first song, suitably named "Anti-Gravity", conveys this flying sensation. The seventh and last song, "Galaxy Rodeo", is a rocket romp, an ultra-fast boogie beyond the Kuiper Belt.

Fly Away.