Silk and Steel 2008 CD $12.

Texas-based Stick duo becomes a trio with vocals.

Matt Rogers - Grand Stick
Mark White - Grand Stick
Tabitha Chambers - vocals

Matt and Mark craft lush interwoven arrangements, sharing the various lead and accompaniment roles between them, and even adding MIDI controlled synths to the mix. Their sound is like a gigantic guitar orchestra, but has a real intimacy as well.

For their new release, Silk and Steel, Heartstrings have added soprano vocalist Tabitha Chambers, expanding the already fantastic musical possibilities offered by four hands tapping on strings. Chambers contributes on several of the CDs nine tracks, broadening the material to include pop ballads like "Fields of Gold" and "Scarborough Fair".

Track Listing
1. Up from the Ashes
2. My Ain True Love
3. Widow of a Living Man
4. Fields of Gold
5. Awakening
6. If You Want Me
7. Scarborough Fair
8. Put Out the Lights
9. Emerald Mist

Days Gone By 2007 CD $12.

Debut release by Texas-based Stick duo.

Days Gone By, features music by Vivaldi, Pachelbel, Beethoven, Kitaro, and Matt Rogers, among others.