Steve Hahn

sh 1998 CD $12.
Deep Chocolate Productions

Although strongly compositional, this album of Stick solos and duos with drums has a live improvised flow, one idea seeming to spawn the next. What stands out is Steve's adventurous sense of harmonic movement, disciplined and cultivated in jazz, yet framed in youthful rhythmic games and constructs - playful accents in odd meters between Stick and drums. This album has a guiding artistic concept and style, placing it uniquely within a living jazz-rock genre. Matt Houston's drums and Steve's trumpet add loads of color and intelligent dialogue to this Stick featured CD.

Stickburst 1993 CD $12.
Deep Chocolate Productions

Steve performs a wide variety of mostly originals, playing Stick and some trumpet in well-recorded duos with drums and percussion. His Stick is a compositional tool, and he elicits from it some remarkable textures, natural string timbres, as well as some daring jazz chord progressions and harmonic discoveries.