Emmett Chapman

Parallel Galaxy 1985 CD (remastered 1999) CD $12, Cassette or LP $8.

Emmett recorded his originals and unusual arrangements of standards in a variety of live duo settings where The Stick is especially well suited. This debut album was released in 1985 on LP, and re-mastered in 1999 for this CD.

Adam Seligman, Jazziz, July 1986 - "The true importance of this record is in introducing The Stick both as a solo voice and as a compositional tool. Does it work? It does and extremely well. Chapman is a skilled player and his Stick alternately burns with fire and soothes with ice as he taps his way through both his original songs... and on the covers which include the great John McLaughlin composition 'A Lotus on Irish Streams'. 'Lotus', which was written for guitar, piano and violin, sounds as full as the Mahavishnu version and even goes beyond..."

Leonard Feather, L.A. Times Calendar, June 1985 - "The Stick sounds like no other instrument; rather, it sounds like several instruments at once, played by three or four men. On 'Parallel Galaxy', he is joined now and then by his brother Dan on harmonica, by a drummer (Bruce Gary), and by a 'vocal effects' specialist named Josh Hanna, but even on the cuts that are played without accompaniment he creates an astonishing mulit-instrumental illusion entirely without overdubbing."

David Franklin, Jazztimes, June 1986 - "The music encompasses a wide style range and includes, among others, a folksy/bluesy 'Back Yard', a quick Latin 'Margueritas in the Waves', a virtuosic 'Gypsy', a jazz/rock-ish 'My Favorite Things', and an ethereal 'Voices'. Perhaps the most straight-ahead jazz track is 'Eleanor Rigby' (with) Josh Hanna's fine trumpet-like scat improvisation. The stylistic variety, instrumental virtuosity, and excellence of sound quality make this record a superior first release."

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