Steve Adelson
New York Stick player and teacher Steve, and his Sticktet performances and recordings.

Brian Baggett
Canadian solo Stick player in Saskatchewwan.

Nick Beggs
English Stick player with John Paul Jones, Howard Jones, Ellis, Beggs and Howard, Steven Wilson and Kajagoogoo.

Pete Begley
A solo Stick performer and fixture on the resort scene in the Poconos.

Matias Betti
Spanish language website for Argentinian Stick player.

Jeremy Birdsall
Florida-based Stickist with Birdsall/Leõn/Hayes (BLaH)

Brett Bottomley
Connecticut-based Jazz Stickist and bandleader.

Cabezas de Cera
Three piece band from Mexico featuring Stick, guitar, drums, and a host of other exotic instruments.

Guillermo Cides
Home page for Argentinian Stick player Guillermo Cides and his Stick Center in Spain.

Chris Crain
Recordings and instructional materials.

Rick Cucuzza
Stick player from Prescott, Arizona

Bob Culbertson
News and touring schedule, recordings, biography, Stick instructional materials.

Derek Dallenger
Biritish player living in Japan.

Dream Theater
Bass and Stick player John Myung's progressive rock band.

El Espíritu de Lúgubre
Spanish folk band featuring Joaquín García on SB8.

Filipino progressive rock band featuring vocalist/Stickist Abby Clutario.

Pascal Glanville
London based Stick player, session player, and recording artist.

Leo A. Gosselin
Stick player from Canada.

Tom Griesgraber
Recordings, photos, news and reviews on solo and band projects including Agent 22.

Steve Hahn
Denver area Stick player and recording artist.

Stickist/guitarist/bassist with Christus & The Cosmonaughts (Beta-Lactam Ring Records recording artists), and a solo ambient recording artist

Frank Heim
Composer, Bass, and Stick player from Germany.

Greg Howard
Composer, performer, Stick teacher, based in Virginia

Gary Jibilian
Michigan based NS/Stick player from the group Jibilian/Glass.

Jim Kam
Houston, Texas folk / jazz Stick player

Toshiaki Kanamaru
Japan based Stick player and member of "Nagareyama."

Atsushi Kasai
Stickist from Japan.

Fabio Katz
Born in Argentina, living in Canada, Fabio makes loops with the Stick. Listen to MP3 samples.

Kevin Keith
Stick player/vocalist from Los Angeles with a distinct R&B/fusion style.

Kindness of Strangers
Three piece band from Memphis, Tennessee featuring guitar, drums, and Dan Houston on Stick.

Michael Kollwitz
Sedona, Arizona based solo Chapman Stick performer.

Dale Ladouceur
Singing and playing Stick and bass with the Canadian rock group Mavens.

Jim Lampi
Stickist and singer who now resides in London and plays solo and with folk/rock legend John Martyn.

Juan R. León
Florida-based Stickist and podcaster.

Rich Little
Northern California-based country and rock Stickist.

Tony Levin
Photos, news, recordings and road diary from Papa Bear himself.

Guy Mauffait
French and English Language site for Stick and Drums duo.

Rob Martino
Videos, Soundifles and Concert information for Virginia-based Grand Stickist.

Marc Mennigmann
German Stick player's site containing Stick related articles and links.

Jim Meyer
Composer, performer and organizer of the Canadian Stick Seminars and camps since 2001.

Andrea Moneta
Stick Bass player from Italy.

Andre Mueller
Website of Swiss born Stick player now living in Vienna.

Irene Orleansky
Stick player and vocalist from Israel.

Oceans in Space
Ben Weber's ambient improv.

Ozone Quartet
Progressive Rock from North Carolina, featuring Stick player Wayne Leechford.

Jeff Pearce
Indiana based new age/ambient Stick player, with mp3 samples and concert information.

André Pelat
French Stick player's French and English language website.

Andrew Prince
UK - based Stickist and bassist, also his duo with Anthea Neads, Neads and Prince.

Glenn Poorman
Information, calendar, and MP3s from the Detroit based solo Stick player and member of the group Coup Detroit.

Kevin Ramsey
Stick player in Hiroshima, Japan

Nima Rezai
San Jose Stick player with the instrumental group Merge.

Don Schiff
Los Angeles Composer, performer, session man, teacher, and famed NS/Stick master.

San Francisco based band featuring Micah Ball on Stick.

Mathias Sorof
German and English language site of German Stickist and tapping guitarist.

Diego Souto
Argentinean Stickist and instructor, founder of the web-based avant-garde label and catalog Parasito de Luz.

A tribute page dedicated to Italian Stick player Virna Splendore.

Sean Stirling
Seattle based Stick player and performer.

Akin Unver
Solo Stick player from Ankara, Turkey.

Canadian Progressive Metal band featuring NS/Stickist Alex Kot.

Barry Wood
Stick player with the group Edison Suit.

Sebastion Woscoboinik
Solo Stick player from Argentina.