Cabezas de Cera

Cabezas de Cera (Heads of Wax) is a new kind of "power trio." Each member commands a huge pallet of electronic and acoustic sounds, enabling them to explore countless orchestral possibilities. The band hails from Mexico City, a large and thriving, culturally diverse metropolis, with ancient roots. Self-described as "Contemporary Music of Mexico," CDC is heavy on the contemporary, with intricate arrangements, polyrhythms, and a big electric sound, lightly laced with traditional Mexican melodies, rhythms and instruments.

The base of the CDC triangle is the connection between brothers Mauricio and Francisco Sotelo. Mauricio plays mostly Stick, laying down bass lines, chords, and searing leads. But he's just as adept on acoustic guitar, Grid-controlled synth sounds and even some homemade metal stringed instruments. Francisco plays acoustic drums, hand drums and lots of triggered samples. Together they provide an ever-shifting foundation for Ramsés Luna’s melodies and solos on sax, clarinet, flute, wind-controlled synth and his own voice, which he uses in an "instrumental" fashion, chanting, calling and shouting in some vaguely recognizable mythical language.

The band is as distinctive and inventive stylistically as they are sonically, and their live concert DVD, "En Directo," covers every aspect of their music in one 90-minute chameleon concert.

Cabezas de Cera was founded ten years ago, and celebrates that anniversary on December 10th, 2005, with a concert at Museo Nacional de Culturas Populares in Mexico city, and the release of "Fractal Sonico 9505," a new CD of previously unreleased tracks from their earlier recording sessions and a new recording from their MetalMusica project.

They have released three CDs, "Cabezas de Cera," "Un Segundo," and a double-disc "MetalMusica," which features several homemade stringed and percussive instruments. Outside of Mexico, CDC has performed in Chile and Ecuador, and recently at the Prog Day Festival in North Carolina (USA) and the Festival Crescendo in Sain Palais sur Mer (France).

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Mauricio Sotelo, Stick and other strings

Francisco Sotelo

Ramesés Luna