Jim Lampi

Jim Lampi has developed a unique style on the Stick combining solid instrumental performance with vocals. A resident of California in the 70s, Jim Lampi was one of the very early pioneers into the Stick. In his early San Francisco days, Jim performed with such diverse musicians as Tuck & Pattie, Michael Hedges, the Jerry Garcia Band, and played Bread & Roses concerts with Joan Baez. After relocating to London, he began playing in the new jazz scene with Phillip Bent, Tony Remy, Steve Williamson, and John Etheridge.

Jim has released three CDs all available from Stick Enterprises, the third of which is "Greazy" released in 2002. In addition, Jim has appeared on numerous compilation CDs and videos including "Tappistry" volumes I and II and the "Stick Night 99" video and CD.

Over the years, Jim has been one of the mainstays at most of the European Stick seminars. In November of this year, Jim will bring his skills to the United States teaching and performing at the World Stick Seminar in San Jose as well as the Midwest Stick Seminar in Ann Arbor. If you're in the neighborhood, drop by and check out this true Stick pioneer.

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