Virna Splendore

Italian Stick player Virna Splendore could be considered one of today's "prime movers" of the Stick. She began studying Stick in 1985 after attending a music show in Milan where Jim Lampi was performing. Ten years later, she began her performing and recording journey from her base in Rome. Her duo with fellow Stick player Roberto Fiorucci (simply called "Splendore") has been featured on both volumes of the "Tappistry" CDs and their CD "Guilty" has received rave reviews. Their lush, elegant, interweaved arrangements are among the most distinctive Stick sounds anywhere.

In addition to her performance work, Virna does much to promote and teach the Stick in Europe. Along with the numerous lessons and demos she has given, she was a guest instructor at the 1999 European Stick Seminar, and she organized and taught at the 2001 European Stick Seminar in Milan. Virna has also traveled to Los Angeles where she performed at the 2001 NAMM show and Stick Nights, has started a section devoted to Stick on the Italian bass website, and is the official contact for Stick Enterprises in Italy.

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