Sean Malone

Sean Malone is easily one of the busiest Stick players out there and a remarkable musician. As an accomplished Stick player and bassist, he has done a whole range of session work from Brazilian jazz to English pop. In the early 90s, Malone was part of the group Cynic. Cynic was a Florida based progressive metal band that managed to pull together a loyal following that still follow the various band members today. Since their breakup in 1994, Malone has continued to work as a session player but has also made remarkable achievements in the academic world. He has written two books; Dictionary of Bass Grooves and Portrait of Jaco: The Solos Collection that were published by Hal Leonard. In addition, he has had papers on theory and music cognition published and has given presentations at conferences such as the Society for Music Theory and The Glenn Gould Conference. Currently, he teaches at the University of Oregon while working on his Ph.D.

Two releases (available from Stick Enterprises) that heavily featured Stick were his Cortlandt release in 1996 and Gordian Knot in 1998. The latter of those two made a big splash in the music world as it drew in not only the Stick enthusiast but also the legions of followers from Malone's earlier days with Cynic. The record featured powerful rhythms, beautiful melodies, and lush soundscapes featuring Sean on Stick, bass, and keyboards as well as a host of other musicians including Stick player John Myung from Dream Theater.

Now, in January of 2003, the second Gordian Knot release Emergent is due for release. In addition to featuring the core members from the last release, Emergent will also feature appearances from Yes and King Crimson drummer Bill Bruford and early Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett. Look for Emergent to be released later this month and check back to Stick Enterprises for availability.

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