Nick Beggs

Stick player Nick Beggs first found fame as the writer, bassist, Stick player, and (later on) front man for the 80s group Kajagoogoo. Since that time, he has performed with other groups including Ellis, Beggs, and Howard, Iona, and Belinda Carlisle. Over the last few years, he has wowed Stick players and music fans all over the world touring with legendary Led Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones showing off his Stick playing prowess, MIDI Stick expertice, and general ability to rock the house.

This month, Stick Enterprises is proud to release "Stick Insect". The first solo CD release by Nick Beggs. Nick shows himself off as a very multi-faceted musician with this record covering a range of styles from acid jazz to house music to straight up driving rock. The balance of clean Stick melody with MIDI Stick and ripping solos makes this record a landmark release in the Stick world.

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